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    I would like to know what do you think about the question of subjectivity and objectivity in terms of science,the theme which is often found in the works of Dostoevsky("Notes from the Underground","The dream of a ridicoulus man",etc.)?I'm a student of psychology and I think that it is the science where that question is crucial.Whole movements of psychology insists on objectivity and generalisation of human nature,which leads us to this:there is formula to explain human behaviour,which I can't exept.On the contrary,the is the discorse psychology,which use subjective methods,but it leads us to relativism.How to solve this antinomy?
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    Dear Alise,

    Most likely the most reasonable discussion of the Subjective & Objective issue was given by Martin Heidegger. In his text "Being and Time" he claims that Descartes meditation (Subjective & Objective ) doesn't present an exact realization on how man confronts the world. He feels (as a phenomenologist does) that man is in-the-world and that he is a part of the world. Besides, that we must try to get insight on man's relation to the world by examining his everyday interactions and his conscious experience of and in the world.
    Science, accordingly to Heidegger, is one way of looking at beings in the world. It has great power, but it is in fact limited. One can never see the essence of a substance for in the process of examinating it he has decided on a view to take and is looking at one aspect of interest to it. The essence of a thing is the meaning the existence appoints to it.



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