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    Hello! As in the title, I am a submissive male looking for a Master or Mistress for an online relationship.

    So, allow me to give some background. In the real world I am a straight male with a girlfriend who knows some, but not the full depth, of my "inner yearnings". Lately our schedules don't overlap well so we spend a great deal of time apart. I want to take this chance to explore deeper into my submissive side :devil:. Ultimately, I am aiming to become a cuckold with her, and fully incorporate my submissive side into our relationship (she is slowly, but surely, making steps in that direction :)).

    That aside. In an online relationship, I am looking for someone to dominate me, now. I am pretty attentive to detail, so ideally I am looking for someone who knows how to push the right buttons to continuously make me submit. Specifically, someone who knows how to train and discipline their subjects well.

    I like order. Being made to follow rules, regulations, regimens etc... Something about having no choice but to obey has always turned me on. Also, I particularly like degradation and humiliation, and I guess feminization also accompanies those two. Little, everyday things designed to embarrass are ideal. Things like routine updates of flaccid length; only allowing me to wear tight briefs with my cock aimed downwards to prevent erection, etc...

    At any rate, if what you have read clicks with you, then I implore you to get in touch. Please PM or email me with your email address, what you think, what you want to know, and what to do to get started.

    I am 100% real and serious! Please, serious replies only.

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