sub looking for a Dom

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by sub_cherry, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. sub_cherry

    sub_cherry New Member

    Hi..I'm looking for an online..maybe more..Master. Just warning ya it's been awhile since I've had a Master but every bone in my body is craving to be owned. Please send me a message if you are interested...
  2. hogtied101

    hogtied101 New Member

    hello get ahold of me !!
  3. masterlovespssy

    masterlovespssy New Member

    i would love to what do you expect , from ur soon to be master?
  4. Whickedsick

    Whickedsick New Member

    Can we talk about this?
  5. kirankats

    kirankats New Member

    i would like to be ur master
  6. inerested in a female domme by any chance at all maybe please?

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