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    For now, you can call me Aimee, and I'm 23 years old. I'm looking for a serious Master, for a long-term online relationship. I am not looking to play truth or dare, or for a "Master" to give me dares. As much as I enjoy the game of truth or dare, I want a Master. Nothing else.

    A little about myself... I live with two roomates in a small 3 bedroom house. I work as an accountant for a local office, which isn't the greatest job, but it's something to pay for the bills. My hours are usually 9 to 6, sometimes longer hours due to busy schedule. I am, however, mostly on at night, and am on mostly once a day. Yahoo only, though.

    I'm looking for a strict Master, but a caring one as well. I want someone who will control pretty much every aspect of my life, but not put me in harm or trouble. I only have three limits, which may change over time, but at the time I also wouldn't mind having them pushed. No animal, no severe pain/piercings, and no scat.

    I do not have a webcam, however, I do have a digital camera. However, do not expect me to start taking pictures right away. However, i will provide detailed response to my task, and follow the orders to a tee. Should I fail to do something, you will have to trust me and i would let you know i deserve to be punished.

    That pretty much covers it. I have a quite a bit of... "interests", so-to-speak. Those of which I won't post here. Anyway, if you're interested, please PM me. I won't be posting my e-mail here - sorry.
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    I sent you a message hope you reply.

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