Sub drop, next day and alone

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    Title kinda explains my situation. Last night I let myself go a lot more than I have in a really long time, like as in years. When it was over I stayed the night and everything was good. I was still pretty out of it when I fell asleep but had insisted I just wanted to stay in my had been so long since I had gotten there I just didn't want it to go away. If I had just gotten out of it then I probably wouldn't be having this problem now.

    I had a really early morning, got up did what I needed to do came home and just completely passed out. I woke up a couple hours ago not feeling right and it has just been getting worse. I am both emotionally scattered in just in a lot of physical pain right now, but I am alone and really don't want to call someone over.

    Anyone have any advice for me? I am going to take some pain killers and I have just been staying in bed, thinking putting on a movie but I don't know what. Thanks.
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    Aw you poor thing :( :* Can't advice you much, unfortunately, but I guess hoing back to sleep will work well for you. Watch some light movie, take a hot shower, eat something tasty, do whatever you like doing :) And post here, expressing your feelings might help also. Good luck, and let us know how you feel!
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    Despite really not wanting to seem overly needy I ended up texting the Dom I was with last night and am back at his house, cuddles help a lot. He seemed to get what was happening without me having to spell it out. Just told him that the pain from last night seemed to actually be kicking in so he suggested I come over. Had some ice-cream, lots of hugs and petting, and while I still hurt I feel a lot better.
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    Yeeeey!!!! Happy for you, dear :) Cuddles are the best cure! Hope physical pain will go away soon :) Take care!
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    A couple things:

    1) You recognize this is sub drop, which is good. This is transitory, so just ride it out. It should pass in a day or so. Don't make any major life decisions.
    2) Have something sort of sweet. Sugar is certainly good right after play, and may help you replace the lost energy. A warm blanket and a fun movie might help as well.
    3) Talk to your dom, if s/he's available. Knowing that your dom is paying attention may help you, and hearing his/her voice may be reassuring. And helping the sub through sub drop is an obligation of being a dom.
    4) As HisFox said, posting here, or writing in a journal or blog, might also help you work through the feelings.
    5) A little retail therapy might help you, if you enjoy that sort of thing, but don't go on a spending binge.
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    Doing pretty much all better :) I think what got me was that when I finally came out of it I was already at home. Just gotta remember that even if I really don't want to come out of subspace I need to before I leave. Also the stuff I needed to do early that morning was probably the worst possible thing for me to be doing at the time....I had a psychological assessment with a new doctor LOL.

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