Strict mistress seeking male slaves

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by alisontoosexy, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. alisontoosexy

    alisontoosexy New Member

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    I'm seeking obedient male slaves that like to be used and abused online.

    I am strict and cruel, and I just love punishing little slaves, so you better please me or there'll be pain.

    Reply back to this post if you can handle CBT, Bondage, Humiliation, Orgasm control and Cum Eating.

    If you can't, then don't bother wasting my time.

    Good slaves are always rewarded... bad slaves are always punished.
  2. Apple

    Apple New Member

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    Hello Mistress, I am new to BDSM and am willing to be your slave.

  3. pje1886

    pje1886 New Member

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    I'd like to be considered to be an online slave. I'm 21 years old and have Skype.
  4. slave4you

    slave4you New Member

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    Hello Mistress,

    well my name is peter, i am 33 years old and live in Frankfurt/Germany. I am interested in BDSM over 10 years now and i am experienced in both sites. Through my learning and living BDSM i got to the conclusion that i am a submissive. I know that Fantasy and reality can be something different. I am open minded and looking for a mistress i can serve and amuse. I am 100% loyal.

    If you want to more, i would be pleased if you would contact me.

    with submissive greetings


    i have everything webcam and digicam and every messenger.

    yahoo-Messenger: peterslxy
    msn - Messenger:
    google talk:
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  5. sl.gh13

    sl.gh13 Member

  6. myrodinyou

    myrodinyou New Member

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    seeking to lick your feet

    Dear Mistress

    I have had a little introduction to the world of Bondage and Domination and would be obliged if you would accept me as your slave. I am looking forward to an online slavery from your side (using webcam, if you may wish).

    Kissing your feet
  7. camtoy4miss

    camtoy4miss New Member

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    I d love to be your camtoy Miss...
    I have sent you a pm as well...
  8. pyraslave

    pyraslave New Member

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    Greetings Mistress

    Greetings Mistress

    the slave name is karim aged 38 from cairo.egypt, willing to submit totally to You to be trained by You for Your own pleasure i havw few limits towards blood and permanent Marking

    i can be reached at
    or at

    Thank You for Your time Mistress
  9. mistrsboytoy

    mistrsboytoy New Member

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    slave sub seeks mistress

    Dear Mistress,

    I'm a 28 year old male sub weighing 200 lbs. I'm 6'1 with brown hair and blue eyes.

    I have skype,msn,and yahoo im's as well as a webcam. I am capable of intelligent conversation if you want it out of a worthless sub.

    The things you mentioned you were looking for are very hot and I think I can handle them for mistress. I enjoy being treated like a piece of slavemeat for your pleasure. I can take a pretty large amount of pain but I have a soft limit on balls because mine are very sensitive. A few other things I like are being treated and addressed strictly, anal training, spanking/caning/whipping, forced stripping/nudity,
    clothed female nude male, cbt with some limits, chastity, orgasm control/denial, humiliation, humiliation in front of groups of women/dominant women, and many more.

    If Mistress would be so kind as to allow me to be inspected by her, please either pm me and I can give you any messenger contact info for me. I just don't wnat to give it to everyone reading this thread you know :).

    Thank you Mistress,

  10. Submissive-male

    Submissive-male New Member

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    Hello mistress, I'd love to be your slave. I really need someone to control my life. Email me at

    I'm 18 and am very obediant
  11. marky1979

    marky1979 New Member

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    Greetings Mistress

    Hello Mistress,

    I am a very obedient male slave and very willing to be at your full control, day or night for what ever you wish.

    Please email me at if I may be of service.

    Yours slavely, marky
  12. Georgian-BDSM

    Georgian-BDSM New Member

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    I am ready my mistress, use me :)
  13. Submissive-male

    Submissive-male New Member

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    Hello mistress, I'm fully at your services, email me @ I am willing to give my life to you to control
  14. drazen

    drazen New Member

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    Check the profile m'lad.

    Last Activity: 01-14-2011 07:44 PM

    She hasn't been here in over six months.
  15. SlaveKlaus

    SlaveKlaus New Member

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    hello, i'm new in this forum and i'm looking for a mistress. please tell me what to do (mail or pm) and i'll make pictures of me doing your requests!

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