Strap Harness With Tie-Downs / D-Rings?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by bioman987, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. bioman987

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    Hello all,

    My girlfriend and I are looking for a strap-on harness that doubles as a bondage harness, with rings to tie down or lock cuffs to. Anybody know where we could find such a thing?


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    Have you seen such a thing before? I recently bought a strap on harness online, and I think I've honestly seen every harness available. I think I saw an expensive one with O-rings, but I don't know if it could double as a bondage harness.

    That would be a rather nifty thing to have. If you happen to find one, I'd like to know where to purchase it!

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    Not sure if this is meant to hold the dildo outside of the body or inside, but this might be kind of what you're looking for:

    This one has D-rings on the back for "extra fun," the site says. However, it's not super badass, since it's made of vegan leather. LOL.

    A similar harness in blue:)

    And that's all I found.
  4. sebastian

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    Contact a leather gear store and ask them about making one. Since most leather gear is hand-made, many such dealers are willing to discuss custom jobs. Same thing with bondage furniture.

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