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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Kinkyboy, Oct 16, 2009.

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    I have been wanting one for a long time but the money is a lil bit of a problem i was looking to spend $50-$150.
    I came across this one the other day

    I was wondering how good that would be if anyone owns on or knows someone that has one?

    Also i like the ones on jackets.htm
    They look good an decent price
  2. Stargazer

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    Can't advise on that one I'm afraid but as someone who owns a straightjacket and spent a bit of time in it at some point, I figured I'd pitch my thoughts.

    For a start, you being in America is a good start. Finsing a British straightjacket retailer was a mission and the import fees that I eventually settled for were criminal.

    The jacket I got is a black canvas job with front loop and double crotch-straps. Being male and having a slightly obsessive nature for symetry, I felt the double straps were essential. The front loop is also nice to have for additional security. You know that unless you're some kind of freak, you won't be slipping into an escapable position at any time.

    The canvas is heavy, but that's half the fun of being in it. It just doesn;t give, once the straps buckle up tight, there's no chance of wriggling out. With a rubber jacket, there's going to be some stretch there and that would take something out the experience. Of course, it depends largely on why you want the straightjacket and how much you really want from a bondage scenario. For me, it was always having absolutely zero-control over any situation and no escape.

    Leather looks like fun, but might get a bit too hot inside, also horribly expensive so I guess that won't be an issue here. The second link you provided looked a bit more promising with good sturdy jackets but there's a lot fo options.

    My advice...

    Canvas - Straps and buckles - Double crotch straps (especially if going on a male) - Front arm loop.

    Enjoy it. Being in mine was the most amazing experience I had. Gutted it'll never happen again. Make the most of it!
  3. Kinkyboy

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    Thanks i am glad for some input back. I like feeling totally hopeless and when i switch i like to know my captive isn't going to escape or go anywhere unless i let them.

    So what would you pick on monkeydungeon if you had to pick one?
  4. Stargazer

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    1st Choice. leather strap straight jacket.html

    It seems to have just about everything and looks like the real deal. Only problem is that it only has one crotch strap. Some guys might not be bothered by that though.

    2nd choice leather strap straight jacket.htm

    This one has everything, but has only very few straps going up the back. While it may still be secure, I can only vouch for the sensation of feeling of a jacket that looks as secure as it feels.


    I found the place where I bought my jacket from, years ago. Not sure how it fits with your price plan, but I can vouch for its quality, comfort and it's security. Follow the link and check out the jacket right at the bottom of the page.

    Hope this helps.
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