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    I would like to start a thread where BDSM, Spanking and similar stories can be posted. I have many in my files but have no idea where they came from.
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    A Long Night

    She knelt in front of him naked and slightly shivering in the cool room. He observed how erect and taut her nipples were and was temped to reach over and pinch them, but refrained - maybe later. She bent down, reaching to the floor and picked up the collar and leash. Handing both to him, she dropped her arms back down to her sides, waiting. He toyed with the collar for a few moments, turning it over and over in his hands, and then reached out to hand it back to her. She was hesitant to take it, but finally did, not wanting to be punished later.

    She knew what to do and put the collar around her neck. The clasp closing was loud in the quiet room. Tears came to her eyes, not from fear, oh no never from fear. The tears were ones of joy – the joy of knowing the collar was a sign of ownership and that her Master owned her. She bowed her head and lifted her hair to receive the leash; her Master reached over and snapped it onto the collar. He saw the tears and smiled slightly, knowing she was happy and would please him; knowing he was going to enjoy her submission to him.

    He gently tugged on the leash, pulling her upper body forward to him, forcing her to move her knees forward. She looked him in the eyes and they held the look together for what seemed eternity. They both knew what the other was thinking – this was the time for complete submission. He glanced down to his lap, her eyes following his look. His hardness and wetness was showing through his pants. She reached up and unzipped his pants, reached for his hardness and released it from his pants and underwear. She then bent over and wrapped her mouth around him and took his cock into her throat as far as it would go. He sighed deeply and arched his hips up to meet her mouth. God, how he loved her mouth on him, so warm, soft and giving. As she moved her head and mouth up and down his cock, he grabbed her head and held it still against his crotch and cock while he moved his hips against her face. He wanted to fuck her face, to use her like a whore – his whore, which of course she was. He shut his eyes and laid his head back, still holding onto her face and fucked her until he came in her mouth. His last thrust gagged her, but she swallowed all of his cum, that precious gift of his nectar.

    When at last he was finished, she pulled here mouth away from his cock and licked him clean of his cum every drop, as he preferred. She cleaned him well, because she knew if she didn't, he would be less than pleased and she couldn't bear to see the look of displeasure on his face. She then sat back, waiting to fulfill his next command and desire.

    He looked at her in front of him and leaned forward taking one of her nipples between two of his fingers and started to gently twist it between them. The pain at first was slight and she didn't wince, but when he saw it didn't hurt her, he twisted harder...he wanted a reaction from her. Tears came to her eyes but she didn't wince or cry out...this upset him a little – she was exhibiting that defiance he knew was in her...the one thing he wanted to break her of – he wanted her submission without hesitation. She gave it most of the time, but sometimes... As he looked at her he thought, "She's high maintenance, but is worth the effort." He then sighed because sometimes she made him sad and tired with her rebelliousness.

    She knew she should have reacted, but it was too late...he would likely discipline her for it. She asked herself why she sometimes did that – hesitate. She could think of no answer. He pointed to the chair in the corner of the room. She rose, quickly and quietly walked over to it sat down, legs spread wide apart, with hands and arms down to her sides. She felt him walk up behind her and pause. He bent over her shoulder and whispered in her ear, "You are aware for not allowing me the pleasure of watching you react to the pinch, you will now suffer the consequences?" She nodded her head in reply, knowing she was not allowed to speak prior to and during discipline. "You also know that I am doing this because I care for you and only want the best for you and us?" "That I'm not angry with you nor do I do this out of anger?" Again, she nodded. He signed. He did not like doing this, but it was needed and he would never let her know how much it hurt him to do it.

    He walked over to the table and picked up a pair of nipple clamps, silver ones with bells and rubber covers. They looked innocent enough but could provide a nice 'bit' if applied properly. He walked over to the chair and stood behind her. He reached over her shoulders and picked up one of her breasts, rolling the nipple between his fingers, flicking it, and bringing the nipple erect and hard. He quickly attached one of the clamps on her nipple. He didn't apply it hard, just hard enough to know it was there. He reached down and picked up her other breast and repeated the gestures; rolled and flicked the nipple until it was hard and erect - then quickly applied the clamp in the same manner as the other one.

    She sat there quietly not moving, but as he stood in front of her he could see the desire start to rise in her eyes. She liked the clamps on hard, hard enough to make her cum, but he had refrained from putting them on as she liked; she would soon be panting in desire and begging, screaming for him to attach the clamps harder. Her punishment for disobedience was to not get what she desired. He sighed was going to be a very long night.


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