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    Hey everyone just wante to say hello an introuce our selves, my wife an i switch throughout the week as sub an dom. We are both still newer to the scene an pretty much tie each other down, tickle blind fold, clamps and a few other little things.

    Tonight I was playing around shaving her while she was tie down and restrained. First time she ever let me shave her and i kept teasing her bringing her real close to the edge an then denying her.

    When it came time to let her hae her orgasm we began 69'ing an next thing I knew she was squirting on my face. After 10 years of playing with her, we ha never experienced her squirting before but was a turn on for me. It freake her out though because she didnt think that was real or possible.

    Any tips on this to repeat an help her unerstand how to control it? Sorry for any typo's the d an v keys dont work on this keyboard so using on screen keyboard for those 2 letters. Oh btw shes 25 and Im 27 :)

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    Continue building anticipation before letting the climax happen! Sounds like you are doing fine!

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    My boyfriend has a similar fetish, but sadly I don't orgasm, nonetheless squirt (no reflection on him- I can't even do it myself and no one else has been able to make that happen either). We had a friend back in high school that was a big squirter, and she'd always talk about it. (Lucky bitch... He had a crush on her, too, so although she was really sweet I secretly kind of hated her out of jealousy. LOL!) If I remember right, she could control it- it was almost as easy as a guy controlling ejaculation... But I think she did it every time she orgasmed, so IDK how it would work with a girl that only did it sometimes:/ Maybe just try to get big orgasms and try telling her not to orgasm until you say so. (This might take a lot of practice.) Then have her beg you to let her orgasm, and when you say she can, do something really stimulating. I'd say practice makes perfect:)
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    sometimes it also depends on the mood, but good practice will make u do better

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