Spam control?

Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by bluelagoon1988, Mar 6, 2010.

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    they are being deleted, and banned, but its a bot, so it just keeps making new accounts.

    I've put in to the server for an IP ban, but as you can see, its not happened yet, or their on a rotating ip.

    Either way I'm working hard on it, sorry im not on 24 hours a day to catch them when they post, but im busy trying to get this house ready in time for a gathering in june/july.

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    No worries sparrow, I am just happy to know that something is being done even if it's not effective. And I just wanted a little support on my spam bitching :)
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    I've been an admin on a few adult forums for a while...

    All of the above are true, to some point. Most of the spam comes from automated scripts run from server farms ALL over the world. It went nuclear about 18 months ago with the release of a Russian spam script that could break the captchas on all forums as well as the Google GMAIL. I struggled for a while and then instituted reCaptcha on our forums, and all went silent for nearly a year. Unfortunately, the Russian programmers haven't been asleep, and starting in Nov 09 I noticed that they'd managed to crack reCaptcha.

    We've added another module that checks the e-mail and IP address against the StopForumSpam database, and puts anyone with a HIT in either of those two fields into MANUAL ADMIN ACTIVATION, everyone else is automatically activated. Between reCaptcha and the newer StopForumSpam mod, we've been able to block nearly all of them.

    I also have a HUGE "deny from" list in our .htaccess file with every server farm that's been used to spam us. I've blocked a few proxies by doing that, but if they're on a dedicated IP address then I can unblock them on a case-by-case basis. I've only had to unblock a few proxies. With the... EDGY nature of our forums, we recommend that anyone that feels uncomfortable surfing the forum use a secure proxy to keep their ISP or government from watching what they're doing.

    If you look around, there are similar mods for vBulletin... I can't attest to their usability since we're on SMF, but I'm sure there's something for vB that will work similarly to our mods.

    Using them both has drastically cut the load on the mods and admins. ;)
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    Sparrow, thanks for the work you put in. I'm not inclined to browse those forums, but I appreciate knowing you're on top of things.

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