Soundrpoofing the condo

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  1. Aibo

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    Not everyone are blessed with having their own home far out in the forest.

    A lot of us do in fact live in cities and have to dwell in apartment and condos.
    Now we have a lifestyle that sometimes get somewhat noisy.
    One can always turn up the telly or stereo at certain times.
    But it will not always do for the perfect mood, an sooner or later things might get a tad more lively than others.
    So to avoid embarrassment or other kind of troubles, such as having the bobbies at your door some improvements to the home might be called for.
    The absolute easiest one is to add some soundproofing.
    There's a thick wallpaper to be applied first before the actual wallpaper, which is to be used when you have uneven walls. That is a start.
    If you don't live at street level another good alternative is to add a soundproofing layer and then a laminate floor. And if you go for laquered oak you even increase the value of your property.
    Adding such floors can easily be done in about 3 hours for a room. When you learned it from doing the first one it can be done in one hour less for the following ones.

    Such flooring can be put in directly, but now when we talk about adding soundproofing a few extra steps are required.

    So strip the floor clean down to the concrete or wood. Using foam in the corners and cracks will make less sound travel to other tenants.
    The second special is to first cover the floor with felt or other material. If you look at the image posted last here you can see that I used a white plastic foam for this purpose. As a side benefit it will also make the floor warmer in the winter.

    I have bought silicone seals to add to the double glased windows, and later on the room will get carpets hanging from the walls creating a fantasy scenario.

    The current state of this project is shown below. And another hint is to remove the surplus foam as early as it gotten only semi hard. It makes the removal easier.
  2. Nuka

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    What about walls? What can you do to soundproof walls well, and ceilings?
  3. Aibo

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    Walls are the problematic part. But contrary to what someone claimed, I do know that thicker structured wallpaper helps. As for the windows I suggest silicon mouldings. And I am going to show the kind of soundproofing this ceiling will get in a later installment. But that will have to wait a bit, my slavegirl are coming here in a few days and I finished the floor now and are getting the cages and some other stuff in there. That room will have to do as it is right now. =)
  4. Nuka

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    Haha. How soundproofed does that get then?
  5. Aibo

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    Well not completely, that would require major construction work.
    But it seems to have worked, she were surprised how silent it was. :)
    And btw, she's a screamer, but no reactions whatsoever from neighbours, so I declare this a success. ;)
  6. TerribleT

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    My house is balloon framed with (recently) blown in cellulose fiber insulation. You have to yell your head off to talk to someone in another room.

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