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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by ReallyGreen, Mar 16, 2009.

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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA
    Need: plate or bowl, sugar, blowtorch, spoon, one or more penis.

    Directions: Man (or men) masturbate and deposit their load(s) onto a plate, bowl, or ramekin of choice. Then cover top of the ejaculate with sugar (probably about a tablespoon). Use the blowtorch to carmelize the sugar. Somebody can then eat the cum brulee with a spoon (must have spoon to break through crispy caramel layer).

    Why on earth would you do this: You masturbate while watching Food Network. You're bored. Unlike most sexual urban legends this one is pretty easy to pull-off and doesn't require killing a hooker.

    Alternately: You played "Shoot the cookie" (or some variation thereof) as an adolescent and decided that while fun, it doesn't really fulfill your adult need for playing with a kitchen blowtorch.

    Alternate Direction: Mix semen and sugar together before carmelizing with blowtorch. Serve on-top of cheesecake to unsuspecting dinner guest.

    Why on earth you would do that: You're a sick & twisted asshole who doesn't really like his dinner guest. :D
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  4. MIRROR: Download from MEGA
    Hmm...intresting alternative... ;)

    Get loads of semen as before, but add some gravy browning to it, and stir it up so it resembles gravy, then pour all over a nice roast dinner :D
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  7. MIRROR: Download from MEGA
    At least you don't have a master who enjoys performing cunnilingus on a jam doughnut while you're on your period... :D
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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA
    And he didn't punish you?
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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA
    Well I do make a kick-ass standing rib roast. And the world's best garlic pork chops.

    *If GOOD EATS were on TV when I was taking highscool chemistry I would have been a pharmaceutical major by college.

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