Something like this but wider???

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    Things like this amuse me. For 69 dollars they are renaming and selling what I see as nothing more then a Pilates Barrel which you can get in various widths and sizes and range in price from 15 bucks to 60 depending on size and store.

    If your interested in a DIY method, go to Home depot and pick up a piece of 12 inch corrugated drainage pipe, they can cut it down to 2 foot for you. Then go to any bog box store like wal-mart and get a container of gorilla glue (its cheaper there then the hardware store) and int he exercise section a workout mat for yoga and Pilates. Rap the foam pad around the tube, and cut it off so it meets up with the beginning of the pad, then glue it down. continue to repeat this process, layering the foam pad on until you have the desired width and firmness. Don't just continuously wrap it without cutting it to layer as it'll come out egg shaped, and dont cut each layer the same width as the first, because the tube your rapping gets bigger as each layer goes on. Take your time, do it right. When your done, with the pad, wrap the whole thing with a single size bed sheet and glue the end down. tuck the excess inside the tube and have fun with your new barrel!

    All in all shouldn't cost you more then 30-35 bucks and comes in any design or texture as the fabric or sheet you can find to use. Hell, get one that matches the decor and leave it on your bed behind the pillows and guest will think its some sort of pillow until they have the pleasure of using it. :p
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    I did some looking on on the Pilates Barrel, but everything I found ranged from $300 ad up. Sometimes as far as $1,500. I do't like to use DIY gear all that much but I'll make a home depot run.

    Sparrow, can you link me to cheaper Pilates Barrels?
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    Thx guys!
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    LMAO I'm a dick - I'll use my heavy bag
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    Heavy bag sounds great... I never even thought about that.

    You just salvaged what I was going to donate.

    You must have quite a collection by now sir.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
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