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  1. jeremy

    jeremy New Member

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    Games #1

    These are games for administering punishment with some random determination.
    One throws coins and fixes the punishment accordingly.

    For instance, if a sub is feeling like some punishment, then you could say fix on 4 strokes as a unit of punishment. Now heads means more punishment, and tails less (no reason why you should not reverse this).

    The coins must be thrown until there is a release from the punishment by the throwing of a tail.

    If you start with a tail there is immediate release and the sub gets only 4 strokes.

    But if a head is thrown, that is bad news (or good?) and the punishment must be doubled to 8. If another head is thrown then it must be doubled to 16. And so on, till a tail is thrown.

    As a milder variation, instead of doubling for each successive head, you could add 4 strokes.

    On this basis, you will be able to construct similar games to your own taste.

    There are two ways to play: either throw the coins until a tail is reached and then dish out the whole punishment, or, better I think, first inflict the first punishment of 4 before the first throw, and then again after each head.

    That gives more urgency to the sub's anguish.

    I would like some feedback from viewers on this post, as I am still very much feeling my way here. Please treat this as my first introductory post.
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  2. Sate_Sprie

    Sate_Sprie Member

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    It sounds like a good game to me. Also, welcome to the forums.
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  3. jeremy

    jeremy New Member

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    Games #2

    Post-bridge Punishment

    Alec and his domme play bridge at their club every Thursday night: they play together as partners the whole 3-4 hours. She is always angry when they get home because of all the humiliating mistakes he made, so always, he must be punished.

    First she will put on a tantalising pair of shorts, nothing else, to prevent easy ingress when his hands are behind his back. He will be naked and standing during the punishment. Meanwhile the kettle has come to the boil with a whistling sound, and will be kept on the boil.

    She has an iron (or file, chisel, large screwdriver etc) with a wooden handle which she will dip into the kettle every time until it is very hot. Now she stands before him and applies the hot iron to his chest. He must count off the seconds: zero, one, two, three audibly so that she can hear his pain in his voice. When he reaches three she removes the iron. His hands have been tied behind his back with a very flimsy thread of wool which could easily be broken by the slightest effort or spasm.

    If she judges he has cheated by counting too fast, or if his hands have broken the thread, then she will make him count up to 5 for a very severe, punishing burn.

    After the first burn, it's back into the kettle for a repeat. The number of repeats will depend on what she thinks he deserves. She may progressively increase the duration of the burns if she is very angry.

    Also she will intersperse the punishment with tantalising intervals when he is allowed to approach her and try to wiggle his penis up her shorts (hands behind back) for a measure of pleasure or relief.
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  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    A few thoughts:

    1) overall, a reasonable approach to this sort of play
    2) playing with boiling water and hot metal is probably asking for an actual injury of some sort. You should probably avoid it.
    3) may I suggest that you think of this sort of thing as discipline rather than punishment? The two terms are commonly interchanged, but that creates a good deal of uncertainty over how to train a slave to not do something that genuinely upsets the mistress. My suggestion is that 'punishment' be used for non-sexual reprimands that the sub actually dislikes.
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  5. jeremy

    jeremy New Member

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    Thanks, sebastian.

    I'd like to say first that I have already found some of your posts to be very valuable, opening up new avenues of thought for me. I had never thought of the possible therapeutic properties of pain, for example.

    And accordingly, I especially value this type of feedback from you.
    There are still some confusions in my mind, and I'm starting to realise that I need to be less ambiguous.

    Firstly, I should have said that these games of mine are mostly (in number as well as in degree) conceived of as fantasies. I imagine that they can also be applied in reality, but then certainly some modifications might be in order.

    I understand your need to distinguish between punishment and discipline, in the case of real sex as opposed to fantasy.

    Even in fantasy, I find there to be a shortage in English of words to describe the infliction of pain. Punishment suggests reprisal for wrongdoing, discipline also carries this meaning sometimes. But I'd say that in my fantastic writings I have to choose the terms I feel best suited to the particular scenario being described. Words such as torture , hiding, beating, tormenting, teazing, are available as not carrying overtones of retribution.

    Discipline is a favourite word of mine, and in fantasies its ambiguity may even be reckoned as a plus.

    While I am speaking to you, sebastian, I'd like to ask your advice on another matter. I'd like to read all the posts of the domme (female) members, so I'd like a list of their names. What should I do, just appeal to dommes to send me their usernames, and if so, on which forum should I put such an appeal?

    Next, there is some more info about me which I think I should have clarified before. I have called myself a sub, but I should emphasise that all I mean by this is a sub during sex. Outside of sex, I might even rather be considered as a dom.

    Up to now I have thought I needed a domme, but I am starting to see that these are rare, except where the motives become questionable, and that those who are genuine are usually of a type that expects total submission in all fields.

    So to find what I want I think I should rather find a sub, because surely I can play the role of dom to our mutual enjoyment, and hope that they could learn to be dommes part time.

    It seems though that there is also a scarcity of those who can play both roles.
    A complicated situation: time may make things clearer.
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  6. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Jeremy, thanks for the kind words.

    There's a lot of confusion in bdsm between the two levels of play, the Outer and the Inner (see the FAQ for more on this). Fantasies like yours are for the most part Outer Layer stuff whereas correction of a sub is more about the Inner Layer. Its slippery stuff. For me, it helps to develop a language that can be used to nail down pieces of the material, to provide some fixed points that help navigate all the slippery stuff. That's why I like definitions. I'm sure that not everyone finds that approach helpful; for them the ambiguity might be more useful than the definitions. But I'm a definition kind of guy. So if my definitions help, use them. If not, just take them as something to think about.

    As for the names of the dommes on the site, I think the best thing, as you suggested, is to post a request for them to self-identify. I'd hate to try and compile a list and have some of the people I listed get mad that I listed them and have some of the ones I didn't list get mad because I didn't list them.

    It sounds to me from what you've said that you're a switch. You like playing on top some times and one the bottom some times. I'm not sure that dommes are rare, although on this site they do seem to be outnumbered by female subs. What do you mean by 'except where the motives become questionable'? Do you mean prodommes?
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  7. jeremy

    jeremy New Member

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    Sebastian, I'm having a bit of trouble finding the info about the Outer and the Inner in the FAQ, so I have posted a request for help in the Questions forum.

    I am also interested in definitions, and like to try to define as best as I can, even if that can't always be totally possible.

    Yes, I agree, compiling a list of dommes might not be a good idea. I'll think about launching an appeal, but please, meanwhile, dommes, if any of you read this please send me your usernames by PM or any way you like! I won't bombard you with messages, I just want to read your posts!

    I'm not sure what prodommes means, though it does look suggestive. I am meaning the type of domme who will ask for money before they even start talking to you.

    I suppose I could be called a switch. But more than just being able to play both roles. Surely there is another possibility: that there be no domination or submission at all, but simply a mutual indulgence in the pure pleasure of inflicting and receiving pain at the same time?

    What would be the appropriate terms for that?
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  8. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    My Inner and Outer Layer post is the 4th entry on the 2nd page of the FAQ.

    Prodommes are professional dominatrices. Why do you think that it's questionable?

    All bdsm involves some element of power exchange, that's basically what defines it. If I pinch your nipples during play, you are temporarily ceding me the power to do that, and as such you become the bottom in that moment. So in the case of pain play, the sub is the recipient of the pain and the dom is the giver. So even if you and your partner are switching off fairly quickly, at any given moment, one of you will be hurting the other. You could do something in which the hurting is simultaneous, for example both of you wearing one end of a tit clamp and leaning away from each other. But in that case, I think each of you is simultaneously top and bottom.
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  9. jeremy

    jeremy New Member

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    OK, I found the FAQ, in the section sticky, not the FAQ at the top of the page.
    Yes, I agree with all that.

    Questionable was the wrong word, I suppose - there is nothing wrong with it imo, what I mean is I prefer non-pros, if there are such.

    Your third para is clear enough, and I have no problems with your definitions.

    I have made my appeal to dommes in my last post on this thread. So far no answers, but there's no hurry really.

    Thanks, sebastian, for your answers, I will ask you more when I feel the need.

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