Sock fetish + public humiliation

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Zanev, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. Zanev

    Zanev New Member

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    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm trying to learn the board still.

    I have a major sock fetish (I'm male, fiance is female) and I've had fantasies of taking this out of the bedroom and being humiliated with it in public but cant think of any ideas as to how. Any suggestions?

    Second question: is there anything Illegal about smelling someones socks in a public park, granted both people are dressed normal?
  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Zaney, welcome to the forum. This is the right place to post this question. To tackle your second question first, no, I don't think there's anything obviously illegal about what you're describing, assuming both participants are willing adults, fully clothed and nothing explicitly sexual happens. I suspect a police officer could find something to object to, but it would be a stretch and he'd probably just warn you.

    To tackle the first question, I don't have any obvious suggestions for you, but I do have something for you to think about. This is simply my personal take on playing in public, and I'm sure others on the forum would disagree with me. The basic principle of bdsm is consent. All parties involved need to consent to what is happening. When you play in a public park, mall, or whatever, you are inherently involving those who have not consented in your scene; some who see you may be offended or feel violated (while others may not care, may be amused, or may be aroused). Your right to be kinky stops at my right to not be involved against my will. So my feeling about playing in a truly public space is that such play must be done in such a way that those around don't notice it or don't realize it's sexual. The moment they realize it's sexual, you've violated their right to consent before participating.

    But obviously, the whole point of public humiliation is to have an audience for it. You want others to see your humiliation, because that increases it. So my advice is to find semi-public spaces where that sort of activity is tolerated or even accepted and encouraged. Those spaces are fetish clubs, play parties, fetish conventions, gay pride or gay leather events, and similar places and events. In these settings you are permitted and encouraged to indulge your kinks. If you can't find one, make contact with your local munch, get to know people, and then host such an event. Or just invite a few doms and subs over for the express purpose of smelling their feet and being mocked for it. Doms sometimes 'trade' participation in these sorts of games. Even if I don't share your foot fetish, as a dom I might let you smell my socks knowing that in a couple of weeks I'll invite you over to piss on my sub or something like that.
  3. SubAnna

    SubAnna Member

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    Actually I agree with you on the public play thing sebastian. You have to consider that there are ppl. there who might not want to be involved in whatever it is you are doing :)
  4. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

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    you want to be humiliated with your socks

    humiliated. with socks?! Dude, you win a gold star for having the craziest fantasy I've heard in a while!

    Maybe you're forced to wear embarrassing socks, like dora the explorer or my little pony
    Maybe your fiance will pants you and you'll be left only in your socks

    I'm not really sure how socks are humilating
  5. meripa

    meripa Member

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    I also don't have an idea to be humiliated with socks in public
    But I have some experience with humiliation in public:
    For example me and my master are using different remote control vibrators and RC vibrating slips
    I think this is a real good possibility for public humiliation
    Another option would be the "dogplay"
    the slave (dressed "normal"/not naked) has to crawl on all fours with a leash on his collar
    Maybe thats heplful for you
  6. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    One fairly safe thing might be to go with your gf to a shoe store. She gets to try on as many pairs of shoes as she wants, and you have to get the shoes, slip them on her, and generally tend to her feet, maybe a quick massage in between each pair. Then at the end, because she's been game, you have to buy her the pair she likes most.

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