So, its raining in the UK...

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    this is not a discussion about the weather. Well, not entirely...

    It is raining in the UK, and there is something that I have always wanted to do...

    I am a sub, and like to be tied up by a woman, or women. I have always wanted to be tied up outside by one or more women in the rain with absolutely nothing on.

    They can be wearing whatever the like, but I must be wearing what they want me to be wearing too ;)

    I kind of see it happening like this (not that I have thought about it, obviously):

    I meet up with a few women at one of their places. In my own fantasy there are three of them, but I don't quite know why three. It starts off fairly normally, we all have a few drinks, we talk, there is some music on, the rain is hitting the windows quite hard and there is an open door, letting the rain in. One of the women asks me to close the door, as I am nearest at the time, so I get up to do so, already knowing my place. One of them pushes me outside and closes the door on me. They all have a laugh from the comfort of the warm interior while I quite quickly soak.

    They do let me in eventually, but I am now drenched. One of them fetches a towel from the bathroom.

    I start to dry my hair and face, but another of them grabs the towel and continues for me. However, it doesn't long before I relax, a little too much, and they over power me. The one with the towel covers my face while the other two wrestle with my legs and arms.

    I give in struggling, then, I feel someone loosening my belt. I struggle a little more, but not a lot. I know what is coming and I like the idea. The belt comes off, then the button and fly are opened, my trousers and boxers come off in one go, then the socks too. I am bottomless now.

    The towel is removed from my face. I can see again. One of them is on my legs, holding me down, the other on the seti behind me. The final one comes from the side, starts to lift my t-shirt. It comes off with the smallest amount of protest. I am told to shush. I do

    The belt now gets used around my arms behind my back. I am forced to stand. Again, there is not much in the way of an argument.

    The towel is once again wrapped around my face, this time tied up so I cannot see

    The door is re-opened, I feel the breeze. I am led outside.

    I am pushed out further, but unable to see. The door closes behind me. I am outside, in the garden, fully naked and unable to see. I can't take the make shift blindfold off due to the belt, and therefore unable to make my way back inside. I take a few small steps, feeling around with my feet on the wet grass. The door opens again.

    To my relief, the belt is removed. I go to remove the towel, but stopped before I can. I now have someone on each arm, leading me through the garden.

    One says "there!". I am moved forcefully to 'there'

    My arms go backwards, this time out to the side. A piece of rope is tied around my left wrist. Then the right, I am being tied to something. A tree perhaps?

    It is still raining.

    Now, something is being tied around my right foot. I am now pushed down to my knees. I am now a bit more weary. I am cold and wet, and now kneeling in the muddy grass. Now my left foot is tied. I am unable to stand.

    Finally, the towel is removed.

    Now I can see, and I see three women looking back at me. A lowly man tied up in a garden, unable to shield myself from anything. The weather, their looks, ideas.

    They go inside once more. Closing the door again. I can see them through the window. One of them is fumbling through the kitchen drawers, but I cant see why.

    What seems like an eternity goes by. I am shivering, both from cold, and a little from the excitement.

    The rain lets off a little, and the women return. I am still on my knees, unable to get up, the ropes around my legs preventing me from being able to stand, and my arms pulled tightly behind me. One of them has found some clothes pegs. Another some scissors.

    They cut the rope tying my legs together, and stand me up again. The rope still attached to each foot, but now dangling loosely. I am still attached by the arms.

    A peg is attached to each nipple, both now rather hard from the cold. The pain goes through me. It is much more than expected. Another is attached to my penis near the base. This excites me a little more than it should.

    I hear a giggle, but I am not sure from who it came from.

    They pull the pegs off, but do not open them first. This still somehow comes as a relief to me. Another rope is tied around my neck it is loose, but doesn't feel like it will come off over my head.

    My arms are suddenly free, again a dongle of rope from each, this time I can see a red mark on both wrists. It must have been tighter than I realised.

    I am pulled away by the rope around my neck, like a dog on a lead. I must have stepped onto one of the bits of rope from my feet, I fall to the wet ground on all fours.

    One of them steps on my back, forcing me to lie on the ground on my stomach. It seems that the bits of rope left dangling are now all pulled together, and wrapped around my arms and legs, now I am on the ground and hog tied. The last piece, the one around my neck is now wrapped around also, fairly tightly, so I know it is there.

    I am now pushed onto my side, I can see the house, and three women once more walking inside. The doors closes. Then locks. Finally, the lights slowly go out inside. It dawns on me that I am now here for the long haul. The rain once again gets heavier....

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