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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by kajmir, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. kajmir

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    I thought I'd share an experience with you that I find profoundly enjoyable, I have not shared my sub side with you all very much and I feel I should, I should honor it. And possible give some of you beloved tops and doms a suggestion...
    (I think maybe this should be in the fetish thread, sorry if I goofed)

    While I am not into extreme pain one thing I vastly enjoy is humilation by my master. My dom is affectionate and kind, sometimes more then he should be. (We both have a bit of an affection for each other which makes seprating a bit tough sometimes) I adore like any good sub when he puts me in my place so, I thought maybe to help him and as some humiliation training for me it might be a good to treat me as the naughty slut I am. (I realize it's a bit backwards, but he's still realizing how much control he has over me, I won't go into detail, it would be an evasion of his privacy)

    The command is simple, master has a very good friend, at this friends will, I am to service him, in any way he requires and when. My only restriction is I may not cum, that is as it should be, reserved for my masters pleasure and timing and only master is "Master" when using forms of address. This friend may use me as he sees fit, although within the restrictions of my hard limits.

    Luckily this friend happens to be a dom, so in this we are all lucky. My master is reminded I am a plaything for his will and pleasure, the friend certainly enjoys himself and is delighted to have a body for his use and I am in pure bliss for so many reasons:

    While being emensely turned on to be so used I also find it is offering me some discovery of myself. I have come to realize I wish to please and respect my master by submitting in a harsher way then I had ever thought to, understand this was a virtual stranger that I am to obey, his restriction is only my hardlimits. I have also realized threw his friend that I enjoy certain forms of pain more then I thought possible. He enjoys pain more then my master and pushes me into acceptable but strained limits. And my other realization is that I have enjoyed a deeper form of humilation then I have previously been given in being commanded to service and please someone who has no emtional attachment or respect for me.


    But I have some questions, I'm hoping the Glorious 8 can help me work them out.

    1. Is it unloyal to enjoy his friends "attentions" equal to that of my master's attentions? The thing is, no one is doing "better" just very differently. My master as previously stated can be "kind", while his friend is harsher, verbally and with reguards to pain.

    2. I wish very strongly that he would command me to please a 2nd friend. I have admittedly found this vastly enjoyable, but I DID also make some surprising realizations, don't misunderstand me, I do enjoy and respect my master, I have no urge to give another this title, but I wonder if by expanding it if it's just a dirty fantasy or if there might be some unexpected justification threw learning like there has been so far...I really wasn't sure at first that this would work out or that I could submit in such a way to please. I really should add that my master is quite pleased to realize his control, having me submit to a virtual stranger because he wills it. And on a baser level, in knowing I'm this slutty.

    Try not to be too harsh on me. I'm still learning, so is master (more of a top to be fair) and I'm nervous about posting this, it's kind of my first time sharing in THIS respect, the sub.

    Any thoughts?
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  2. decoyicus

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    this is a bit out of my depth but I will give you my opinion anyway. 1. you shouldn't feel unloyal for enjoying your masters friend as much as your master as you said they are doing things very differently and I think that just means they are satisfying you in different ways 2. I'm not really sure how to answer this one but I'll try a third partner could be a learning experience if this person does things differently from the other 2 if not you could be leading yourself into disappointment I suggest you have have a chat with your master about it. I doubt that was very helpful but those are just my thoughts
  3. sillylittlepet

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    I just want to say that this is one of my greatest fantasies, so please let me live vicariously through you

    In all seriousness, its perfectly possible to have your master be the center of your universe but still be excited when he commands to you please his friends.
    As far as expanding this fantasy... actually I'm not really sure what you mean, you'll have to clarify.
    Your master seems to enjoy having this type of control over you so I'm not sure what you have to be nervous about.

    (also I was totally serious about the first part, especially if it was a hot friend. Yes I'm a slut.)
  4. kajmir

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    -Waits for the others-
  5. sillylittlepet

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    others?!?!? we're not good enough for you?!
  6. AnErieGuy

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    1. Something that helps me understand a bit of why I might feel I enjoy one girl's blow job more as opposed to my girlfriend's blow jobs. WE ARE NOT ALL PERFECT NOR EQUAL. Joe might be bigger than Bob, Bob might be smarter than Joe, Greg might be faster than both, Bob might have more stamina than both. The point being, there is no perfect master/sub there is no equality between them either, but it's those equalities and lack of perfection that makes them perfect for us. This is where love comes in, this is why he is your Master. This is why you feel more exhilerated to know your are being HIS slut and not a slut to some stranger. Make sense?

    2. There is always the rule of: Too much of anything is a bad thing. Don't do this to the point where you find it too much, either becuase you can't take it physically, or you can't take it mentally, and even, you can't take it emotionally. Take it all as small grains in your sand clock, don't just assume everytime you think or wanna do this that it'll change your life, actions don't change lives, how people deal with them do. Again I'll bring up; no body is perfect, we all make mistakes, we all try to delude ourselves as being unable to faulter, on some level. Just take it all as small segements, not an entire tital wave...
  7. L8NightQ

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    kaj - is this virtual or is this physical? The answer may differ based on what kind of play this is.

    In either case, your master runs the risk of having you enjoy his friend more than him. This is reflected in the vanilla world with swingers. It is often men who get excited about swinging more than their wives, but it is most often men who opt to get out of a swinging lifestyle..... because the wife is enjoying it a little to much.

    I will approach this from the physical aspect, and correct based on your answer, since some of what I say will apply in either case.

    Whether it is right or wrong, loyal or not loyal, depends not so much on how you feel, but how your master reacts to how you feel. You, on the other hand have to deal with your own feelings from these "forced submission" sessions and share them with your master, but you should make some estimations bout just how to share it. Male egos can be sensitive.

    I'm pleased to see that you are starting to change your own references about how you relate to pain (compared to your earlier writings) and other forms of debauchery. You're a real gem. (just had to insert that somewhere here)

    I understand the excitement you feel about being exploited this way, but I can assure you that he does not want you to enjoy "this" master "to much", and there's no way to guage whether or not you can, if you are at his disposal, avoid avoid orgasm every time. If he's good, he'll treat it like a game (I would), and since he seems to be a little more learned than your master he may have some really evil ways to "make" you cum. If that happens, then you really have a problem.
    ..... what a problem to have.

    So be careful, and be very aware of the draw (the pull). Also consider that friend number 2 you may not like at all. Will you be just as cooperative? If not, is this for him, or for you?

    Hope this helps.

    By the way - The whole different/not better thing is the real hook to watch out for.
    If he did the same stuff, but better, you wouldn't be as confused in your reaction to your own feelings. We, as Doms and subs, all differ and that difference effects the chemistry between us in ways that get processed at a level other than our conscious thought.

    Loyal or unloyal - we cannot control who we are attracted to.... only what we choose to do about it.

    ...and please pm me his facebook name so I can send a friend request.
  8. kajmir

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    It's cyberland.
    I know there is some feelings for me that are vanilla, so I do check that he is cool with continuing here and there. I know if it was reversed I'd be not be so gracious.

    The friend is evil but he respects HIS friend in the to cum or not to cum area, so no hard feelings there. I've made it clar to both I don't wanna be the cause of a friendship ending. If things become a problem i have enough say to stop it and once again become exclusive property.

    I'm not attracted to the friend physically, or mentally, but he is evil enough to get me going. Master really hasn't minded coming online/voice chat to a panting brainless slut. I mean what dom would?


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