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  1. Master'slilpet

    Master'slilpet New Member


    me and Master are still new to the BDSM world, and i have a small question..

    in some pictures n videos n things, Doms comment on how sub should "wipe that smile off their face". Can someone explain to me why? i mean it seems like a good chunk of the community partakes in it...

    i don't see whats so wrong with it..
    is it just preference or?
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  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    It's not usually a preference against smiling. First off, it's an expression, usually said to be intimidating, so that in itself is a reason to say it. For another, the dom may want to feel that his/her sub is scared/nonconsenting/etc for the scene to flow as desired. It could also be that it's seen as a look of disrespect- smiling isn't very serious, and dom/mes are 'superiors,' like in the workplace, military, etc.
  3. I don't care what my subby does just so long as he does what i say- he can even laugh at me if he wants... granted, he won't be laughing for long.
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  4. Hippie-Sadist

    Hippie-Sadist New Member

    Agree with Bunny. I allow my pet to smile if she wishes. we will also have times when our play will kinda pause because we are both giggling. BDSM is all about what you WANT it to be. Not what the BDSM social norm is.
  5. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    On the point the others are making, my owner usually doesn't care if I smile either, and I haven't seen the 'dislike' as a trend.
  6. Master'slilpet

    Master'slilpet New Member

    okay, i understand more, i just noticed it alot and i wanted to see what peoples opinions of it were..
  7. Her-sir

    Her-sir New Member


    Anyone else find the humor in this part? BDSM and social norm in the same sentence.

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