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  1. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    We learned how to make the toy that caused those red welts cause real bruises, so this should get fun.


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  2. mmmmmm nice ass :)

    =^.^= *meow* :)
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  3. shauwn

    shauwn Member

    Really nice pics, Smallest!
    i love the sting of a whip or crop too, but kinda shy about having bruises left....
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  4. dozuki

    dozuki Member

    Smallest that is a nice ass. That is going to leave a great bruise
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  5. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Seeing as my thread has been stickied (thank you, whoever!), I might as well add more.

    Out of order, mostly from the past month. Some are more kinky, some are more fetishy, some are more silly.

    [these weren't links, but the sizing bbcode I know doesn't work here and some of these are huge].

    I don't think it's inappropriate/spammy of me to say this, but if it is someone tell me: by the way, I've been a cam model for a while now, and generally live at my account on extralunchmoney. I have more images, free and paid, although I admittedly appreciate paying people especially, over there.
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  6. bxx3xx

    bxx3xx New Member

    Very very good :D

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