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  1. Mistress Erika

    Mistress Erika New Member

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    I am a Lifestyle Pro Dominatrix Bitch with a passion for manipulating and exploiting spineless males. I just adore the process of breaking a man and reducing him to quivering wreck, grinding him into the dirt beneath my beautiful heels. Having him worship my full beast and fee.. Email me at
  2. EZRA

    EZRA Member

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    How do you break the already spineless? Wouldn't some thing with a little back bone be more satisfying? More of a challenge? More fun!
    Desperate for your attention but not quite ready to give in completely,,,, yet.

    Oh not me ,I'm just checking .The Goddess dose not share.
  3. nile_ass_slave

    nile_ass_slave New Member

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    Mistress Erika,
    i am a sissy slave tha is begging on his knees for you to torment & humiliate
    please mistresss

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