"Slavegirls of the Third Reich"

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    Here's an extract:

    The next day Colonel Wagner made an inspection of the holding cells. When he came to Tanya’s he paused. “Why,†he asked, “are you lying on your stomach?â€

    Tanya said nothing but pulled up the torn smock until her bruised and marked ass was visible.

    “Oh. Who did this?â€

    “There was a fat man in a white coat,†she informed. “He had me taken to a horrible place and tied down to a table. Then he whipped my bottom.â€

    “And that’s all?â€

    She glared at him. “No, that’s not all,†she retorted with anger. “He also fucked me in the ass! If you want to know.â€

    Wagner pursed his lips. “You know,†he continued in a mild voice, “you should be glad. Compared to what happens to most of the women here, that was rather mild.â€

    “Have you ever been fucked in the ass?†she snapped back. “It was horrible. I felt like I was used in the most degrading way. Even when I was raped back at the Gestapo headquarters, I didn’t feel so ashamed.â€

    “A fat man…†he muttered.

    “He smelled of garlic and wine,†she added. “And he was a beast.â€

    “I’d say that was Dr. Geller. He’s the head of this institute.â€

    “He’s a bastard!â€

    “Well… I guess from your point of view. But he has a lot of power around here. He could just as easily have you tortured or killed.â€

    “And this wasn’t torture?†she asked.

    “No, not really. Believe me, I know. You got off lightly.â€

    She snorted with disbelief but said no more. There was truth in his words, and in her heart she knew it. With handcuffed wrists, she pulled her smock down and moved to a half sitting position against the wall.


    She ignored his question. “What is going to happen to me?†she asked instead. “Will I be tortured?â€


    “And killed.â€

    “Most of the subjects eventually die.â€

    “What kind of a damned medical institute is this?â€

    It was his turn to not reply.

    “Please,†she begged, “kill me. A nice clean bullet now. Please…â€

    “I don’t think I could do that.â€

    “Oh, you look forward to seeing me tortured and… and whatever else that damned man will do to me?â€

    “You are… I mean… No.†It was hard for him to put into words what he felt. She was such a beautiful woman. Just looking at her made his body ache with desire. Such beauty should not be damaged and then destroyed. He considered taking her from the cell and screwing the hell out of her in someplace private. He would have to put her back, of course. Shultz and Geller kept a close track of the subjects. Screwing them, even doing a bit of “medical research†on them yourself was fine. Just put them back when you’re finished. At least that was the way it was for the higher ranking personnel. The rank and file had to wait until a subject was tossed their way, like crumbs to a dog.

    A silence fell between them. Finally she broke it. “Have you made inquiries about my husband?†she asked quietly.

    “It’s too early to get replies,†he lied. The truth was he had not been in contact with anyone, and really had no plans to do so. “Communications are a little disrupted in Germany.â€

    “Will the war end soon?†The question was simple enough, but there was the slightest glow of hope in her eyes. If the Allies came marching in, she might be freed from this horrible place.

    “It will end soon enough. But it will be months before this area is invaded.â€

    She slumped back. “By then…â€

    “Subjects don’t last too long here,†he told her honestly. “Although, I suspect Geller may keep you longer than most. But eventually he’ll tire of you and… Well, I don’t want to describe the experiments.â€

    He turned to go because he could not stand to see the despondency in her eyes.

    She rose to her feet to press herself against the bars. “Aren’t you going to screw me?â€

    “Do you want me to?â€

    “Yes. I can tell you’re not like the others here. With you it will not be a humiliating act of violence. It may not be an act of love, but at least you won’t hurt me…â€

    He left the invitation hanging in the air for long seconds.

    “I have to do some thinking,†he finally said, and then turned to go.


    He froze in his tracks.

    Suddenly he turned back to her. “Okay, you want to get screwed, you’ll get screwed!â€

    A minute later he was back with the key. Roughly he took her arm and almost dragged her from the holding cell area. In the same small room he had taken her to before, he tossed her on the bed. He unlocked the handcuffs, and with rough hands pulled her smock off. Then he forced her to face and stand with her thighs against the metal bar across the foot of the bed. He pushed her down and pulled her hands under that bar and behind her knees. Then he locked the handcuffs on her again. Tanya was left bent over the bar and unable to straighten up. Worse, her bottom was once again sticking up on display for a man.

    Wagner looked at the inviting bottom, made even more beautiful in a strange way by the whip marks across the twin globes. Slowly, he withdrew his belt.

    “You do not tell an officer of the Third Reich what to do,†he said through gritted teeth. Then he swung the belt.

    Tanya yelled loudly as the leather impacted against skin made tender by the previous day’s whipping. Her body jerked and shook the bed but could not straighten up. Again he swung the belt. And again she screamed. The welts were turning a fiery red again. He was not hitting her all that hard, but even a light touch would have hurt with her flesh so tenderized.

    Half a dozen strokes, the same number as Geller had imposed upon her, and Wagner threw the belt down. The dark-haired beauty was sobbing and her bottom was a vivid mass of discolored flesh. Pulling down his pants, he released his throbbing rod and lost no time in burying it deep into the female vagina before him. Each energetic stroke lifted her ass as he pounded his hips against her bottom. Cries of pain echoed in the room, but they soon changed. Someplace along the line, her cries because moans of lust.

    Then she began to thrust her hips backward to match his upward thrusts. The pain of the freshly beaten ass being pounded was strangely mixed with the raw lust flooding over her until she could not tell them apart.

    Colonel Wagner had always had one talent when compared to most men. He had staying power. He could pump away at a woman for as long as he wanted, allowing his climax to come when he allowed it, not before. Too many men had no control and shot their load almost as soon as they entered a woman. The Colonel had not performed this act for a while, and allowed himself to stretch it out. He was actually enjoying it very much. This was a beautiful woman with a vagina that clutched at his rod like a hand. And there is something about having hurt a woman that arouses a man. He was vividly aware of how much her ass must be paining her. And he enjoyed it. He was honest enough to admit it.

    Suddenly Tanya shook all over, went rigid for a few seconds, and then tried to collapse into a ball. She cried out as the orgasm swept over her. It was some Russian word that sounded like “Ka-link-ka!â€

    Since she was held in position by the bed and handcuffs, it was easy for Wagner to continue to thrust into her. After a minute or so, he allowed himself to reach a climax. And it was a pretty good one, too.

    He left her handcuffed to the end of the bed and sat down to rest for a moment. It had been a frenzied and wild coupling, but a damned good one. He had not enjoyed sex like this for a long time.

    They did not speak while he returned her smock to her and locked the handcuffs on her wrists again behind her back. Tanya seemed to be in some kind of trance. She might have been drunk, from the way she acted. But Wagner had seen that before and knew she was simply floating on a kind of ecstasy that men will never understand. He returned her to her cell. As he was leaving, he heard her say, “My husband could never do that to me.â€

    He smiled.

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