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    has been a long time since i was in this forum. but new submissive subjects can apply for the priviledge and pleasure of my time and attention.

    due to some german slavegirls that had the pleasure of my training i still like it to train and humiliate some females online.

    my blog has raised with some material, you all can feel free to watch the stuff there.
    this is a link to it, but you will have to create a fubar account if you don't have one of those. thats for free.

    you can use this link for it:

    then just add me as friend. my profile can be seen here:

    every interested female will get a chance to introduce herself.
    i am sure you like it...
  2. misterak20

    misterak20 Banned

  3. misterak20

    misterak20 Banned

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