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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Master_J, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Master_J

    Master_J Member

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    Hello, and welcome to my thread. Thank you for viewing.

    I am a new Master, with a new slave. Long story short, im looking for any core advice or useful imformation on training a new slave.

    We currently have a long-distance relationship, but we will be meeting in 2 months.


  2. arsynrose

    arsynrose New Member

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    patience,love, and a understanding of the hesitation on the masters part to punish when needed, over all master and slave must trust and care about each other. and yes a slave MUST know what pleases and displeases master so should a master know what pleases and displeases a slave!

    good luck!
  3. Master_J

    Master_J Member

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    Thanks Arsyn :)

    Does anyone else have any advice to give to a new Master?

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    Make sure you both set out limits clearly beforehand. Both parties have to be completely honest about what they want and don't want, and all limits should be respected :)
  5. Master_J

    Master_J Member

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    very well said, thank you puppy

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    You're welcome :)

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    Always start slow and at a minimal pace. You first have to know what her tolerance level is and also find out what exactly she needs. Have a great imagination, you would be surprised on what she likes or what YOU like.
  8. Master_J

    Master_J Member

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    Yes thats true, for now ive stuck to only verbal punishments and "time out" having her sitting on the floor facing a corner when shes misbehaved.

    the only thing i seem to have a bit of trouble with is getting feedback from her. we talk alot, but it seems like when it comes down to it, she gets very shy. i want to eventually help her let go of her fears and do only what i ask her, but im not entirely sure how to go about that.
  9. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    don't push on her give her time
    and when the time comes buy the whip ;)
  10. Master_J

    Master_J Member

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    Haha, well said ;)

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    I think it is as important for her to know your limits as for you to know hers. My last dom was not clear at all about his dealbreakers and I was left dumbfounded and confused.

    If she is shy, give her time. Never waiver in your firmness though. I am shy too and when I exhibit weakness in that way, the last thing I want to see is my dom questioning himself. Be realistic too though.
  12. Master_J

    Master_J Member

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    Thanks Bluelagoon, that helps alot :)

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    One other thing, depending on your gal...she might get to a point where more punishment wont do the trick. I get overwhelmed easily since this is all so new to me, and sometimes I respond to punishment and sometimes I respond better to a little encouragement. It's very important that she always know you care about her and are proud of her.
  14. Master_J

    Master_J Member

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    Thanks, i always try to tell her how much i care about her, and how beautiful and important she is. :eek:

    i do try to encourage her often, and let her know that im here to support her.
  15. monocrome

    monocrome Member

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    let her know that it displeases you when she does not communicate. also let her know that if she is uncomfortable communicating with you about something THAT IS OKAY and she can talk to you about that as well, but that communication is the key to everything you are doing (that last part is my opinion, but seems to be the cornerstone of all the relationships i've seen that are working).

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