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    I'm looking for a owner!!! phew that's the hard bit done.

    I'm 50 years old, self employed working from home which gives me some decent amount of time alone, in a place called derbyshire in the uk, As for my personality, I'm very submissive, and tend to follow blindly just about what anybody says. However that doesn't make me dumb or naïve, it just means sometime I like to get myself into trouble.

    Do I have Experience?

    I'll be honest, not very much. however I would be dedicated to anyone that took ownership of me. I'd really like an owner with more experience than me, to hopefully teach and guide me.

    now I bet your wondering what I'm into

    One of my favourites is humiliation! you can never go wrong with humiliation. I love being called names. Anything that let's me know I'm worthless and owned property. I want to be controlled in pretty much every aspect of my sex life. From what I do to how I do it. to remind me that I'm owned. However, the biggest thing of all is: I'm still technically a beginner and I'm willing to try many new things.
    a few examples of activities I also like are:
    Anal: Not sure what to say about this its pretty self explanatory,
    Dehumanisation: I like to be humiliated and feel/act less than human. This may include hidden or semi public.
    Mild pain: I can enjoy forms of pain when combined with other tasks,
    forced Bi: I suppose most men have had fantasies about this but would never actually carry it out, I also think about it quite a lot and is something I would try with the proper guidance and enforcement from ones owner.
    forced masturbation, ruined orgasms, spanking, verbal abuse, joi, cei, being insulted for my lack of maleness, i like the idea of being told off and shouted at in such a manor that i feel scared i will be punished, ass training, edging etc. I am sure you get the idea.

    i also have a keen interest in being humiliated or being made to perform tasks or masturbation routines in a humiliating manor to give ones owner entertainment and amusement. Forced continual masturbation to cause discomfort perhaps as a form of punishment or amusement, forced sex with non sexual items again maybe for humiliation or amusement.
    for years i have had fantasy's about being trained to sexually pleasure men through my mouth and male pussy being turned into a cock sucking cum guzzling whore is only fit to service real men, eventually after training being made
    to actually put it into practise for real, again i have always wanted to try but i need someone to guide and insist I do it, and either get me to advertise on dating sites to meet and service people for real or even place adverts themselves without me knowing ( pimping me out as such ).

    as I say I don't have much experience and would be more than happy to have my limits pushed or forced and at the end of the day although i have
    a big list of likes stated i suppose it should always be what the slave and sub can do to serve and amuse their owner ,
    not what the dominant does for the slave or sub, and i do find the unknown very exciting.

    I'll be short with this.
    I don't do scat, family involvement, permanent Markings or scars, or anything illegal. I might have more dislikes but I'm fairly certain those are my hard limits, and I am not afraid to try new things!

    Other things you should probably know

    I am more than happy to be dominated in person. however I would also be more than happy being dominated online through emails and of cause online means any potential owner could be anywhere in the world.
    I know any online domination or activities carried out would involve me submitting pictures or video as evidence of my obedience and performance and I am more than happy to also do that. ( although to start with I would prefer hiding my face as I don't really want my next door neighbor seeing me online and thinking : hey I know him, why is he running round a field naked ? ) sorry only joking but you get the message.

    How to claim me

    just Send me a message. Easy as that.

    however I am currently NOT looking for financial domination or anyone requiring a paid tribute as unfortunately I am not in the position to pay anyone at this time.

    so please feel free to send a friend invite or even to just say hello and chat.
    Ok time to wrap it up.
    I look forward to meeting lots of people and maybe making some new friends along the way.

    [email protected]
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