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Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by urs2hurt, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. urs2hurt

    urs2hurt New Member

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    hello all i am a male slave seeking users and abusers
    i can be your slave and servant or even toilet
    i love to be used abused and humiliated
    and would love to please you

    i am ready to serve anyone Master or Mistress
    but if pee and scat is to be involved would rather be a Mistress, or a Couple....
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  2. arjun7711

    arjun7711 New Member

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    Hey good to see ur post im also from dubai..i'm looking for a mistress in dubai to serve her..but it is very difficult to find one unless u r ready to pay..i'm even willing to pay but i doubt whetr there will be any slave relationship..may be you can give some suggetsions or references in this regard..
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  3. johnde18

    johnde18 New Member

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    You could visit Mistress Anita. She is a professional dominatrix. I have had sessions with her, she is really amazing.
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  4. wormclit

    wormclit New Member

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    Mistress ANITA for real

    Hi Guys,

    I was a guy all freckles and fears till one day I lost all of it to Mistress Anita

    She is real, majestic and breathtaking, you wouldnt suspect her to be what she can be in a session.

    She is truly a ProDom, and doesnt fool anybody about it, but boy, is she something!!!!

    Google her up, have a see at her pics, they are all real to the last bit

    Experience speaks, she is trustworthy, discrete and worth your troubles

    And she is so good, she will pace you into slavery, you will never relaise how low one can go, until
    you are begging her for more

    And the addiction is so strong, your world will change around her!!!

    From newbies to newerbies, each session is an awakening. Go for it mates, and never look back


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