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Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by MasterEvil, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. MasterEvil

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    Dear Fellow Masters

    I have had the pleasure of using a young pakistani whore for about a year, she was given to me in a chatroom and now Im done with her, I want to gift her to another Master.

    She is 23, female from London. British born, very hot, responds to vile rude namecalling and disrespect. Hates ass licking, drinking piss and nipple pegs, so you do it as often as poss :D

    She is no ordinary slave, she is also an erotic writer, specialising in female submission, degrading, humiluation, use and abuse. She has her own site, fanbase etc. By owning her, you also own all of her work, future work, site, etc

    However also by owning her, you have responisibility to set her targets, get her to market her work in any creative ways you think of, train her, punish her and do anything to ensure she slaves away at getting those books written.

    I and previous owners have always treated her mean, this helps her understand the role of a female and reflects in her books.

    If you are interested, discreetly add her on MSN, assess if she is a piece of meat you would like then let me know and we can take it from there.

    her msn is [email protected] If she asks how you got her address, just say you are Master Evils VIP friend and a fan of her work

    Master Evil
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    DUDE REALLY!!!!!
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  3. fairystail

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    dude i can understand the whole ownership thing but that is just fucked up you shouldnt be seeking to make her suffer so much you should BOTH be getting enjoyment out of you owning her

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