Slave And Master v. Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by perfectslave, Mar 18, 2013.

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    I am a perfect slave, with a perfect Master. I make sure Master's house is cleaned from top to bottom every day before I go to work, I make him breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day as well as serve him his coffee on my knees in Nadu so I can suck him as he takes his first sip. I give him my body and continually my mouth in whatever way He pleases on a daily basis (mostly twice a day). I am not complaining because I love my job as His slave and cum slut. My question is for other slaves on this forum because I need to connect. We both love each other and he has told me time and time again that he has found the single most perfect slave, and he's been searching all his life. (I'm 26, he's 39). My question is, if he has found his most perfect slave, the one he has been searching for, then why must he continue to search for other avenues? And how do I deal with this? Recently, I have discovered that he has been off and on playing a game called Second Life and he has told me that he is only merely talking to men and women alike, because he needs that social interaction. Yet, there is no record of him talking to men, all I hear is women and this game is a D/s game. Am I wrong to fear that he might take a 2nd slave? We've discussed it before....but I've let him know I'm not sure if I'm ok with that. We have a complicated Master/slave relationship because we are also very emotional and have boyfriend/girlfriend aspects as well. If there are any slaves who can listen to me and help me to deal with this.....please dont hesitate to respond thank you.
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    PS: Remember that at its heart, this relationship is consensual. As a slave, you have a right to put preconditions on your submission. For example, some slaves specify that their master does not have control over their job decisions, their finances, or their relationship with their family (in fact, those things should generally be the last areas of control any slave gives up to a master, after you two are certain this is a lifetime relationship). So while many master/slave couples are non-monogamous or polyamorous, not all are. Not all slaves have what it takes to be happy sharing their master with other slaves or boys/girls. In fact, this is an issue that my slave and I are dealing with. He's making a real effort to accept that I don't want to be monogamous with him, but it's very challenging for him, and I'm taking things slowly so that he can get comfortable with it.

    What this means is that non-monogamy is not an automatic requirement for your relationship. If you are uncomfortable with your master have other women he plays with, you are not obligated to simply accept that. I would suggest that you ask your master for some 'equal time'--a conversation where the two of you are speaking as equals about your wants and needs, and in which you can negotiate with him for what you feel you need.

    It sounds to me like you're starting to worry that your master isn't being entirely honest with you, and that's going to erode your trust in him. BDSM can't work without honesty and trust, so I very strongly recommend that you talk with him about this and explain what you're worried about.

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