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    Master and Mistress this born slave, 38, chaste since, drug/disease free, craves Your enforced life sentence of hard labor under the whip, permanent incarceration, daily physical and mental endurance testing, tough discipline, harsh punshiment for failure, intense forced workouts, 24/../365 ownership, no limits, no escape, no freedom, no outs, no release, no choice, no mercy, no end, no will, no family, no friends, no contact, it exists to serve, worship, suffer and obey The Master and Mistress requires: Always fitted with permanent steel restraints, chains, cuffs and collars, fully pierced, nicely tatooed, when deserving branded, as required body mods, stored caged, whipped. Trained to hard labor daily, chastity, gagged and plugged dungeon, farm or ranch animal, urinal and toilet, its mind and body trained to perform perfectly in total submission and humility as The Master and Mistress requires. slaveknovak()
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