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    We all have families, whether we like it or not. And I am sure some of us have had a mishap with our lifestyles and our families. In hindsight, most of the time, they're silly. I want to hear some and I'll share mine.

    Strangely, my grandmother grew up in San Fransisco in the 60's. She's the type of woman who beat a gay man with her cane for being a "faggot sissyboy". Basically, if you are not a white, Roman Catholic, Heterosexual, Cisgendered conservative Republican she is going to pretty much beat you. there is a framed picture of all the Fox News hosts on her bedside table. I'm not kidding. I could go on forever about her racism and everything.
    But that's not the point.
    We had gone back to SF so she could tell us stories that we had heard almost thirty times in the past hour (literally, one was about a weird shaped rock she found). So we decided to go visit the house she lived in when she was a little girl. Which was near Folsom Street. and it was late September.
    she sees a crowd of people and gets all excited for an "Old timey and Wholesome San Fransisco Street Fair", so we go to see what going on.
    Folsom Street Fair.
    the look on her face was priceless. the look on her face made up for how she spent the rest of the week bitching about how her hometown had been ruined

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