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Discussion in 'Guest forum' started by Swinzey, May 21, 2014.

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    Hey guys been a while and forgot my login details so gotta post here.

    Some background, 6 months ago got out of a 4 1/2 year relationship, a bit kinky but not to the level I was after. I have not been with anyone since.

    recently met a woman who is absolutely stunning, personality is well just a female version of me. We havnt met yet but through conversing she admitted her submissive tendancies and desires, and I fessed up to what I really wanted out of our interactions, needless to say were spaghetti and meatballs.

    My concerns lie with experience, I dont believe ive earnt the title of Dom yet, she is far more experienced than me and the the toybox she had well exceeded my imagination and possibly limitations. I have explained my position to her and agreed to take It slow while ive still got my training wheels on.

    Being the top I just dont want to get in there sweating from nerves. anything I can do to relax the situation a bit? Do not want to [email protected]#k up this opportunity or not live up to expectation. Any tips tactics or advice would not go astray.
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  2. sebastian

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    It's important to realize that most subs are going to give you a lot of leeway. If you act like a dom (that is, you act confident and give clear instructions) most subs will fall in line and obey (the exception are the subs who want to be conquered somehow; they're resist and make you earn it). So tell her that you're a little out of practice, and that you need her to be really obedient for your first session. Once you get back into it, you'll probably find your confidence growing.

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