Short extension of some sexting.

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    Written by me :D

    Just something to cheer His day up.

    When You are at work Sir...

    I want to be at your feet, hidden under your desk from passersby and colleagues a mere cubicle away. May I please part your legs and kneel in between them? I’ll be quiet as a mouse as I unzip your pants so slowly and reach into the gap to pull out your soft cock. I’ll run my whole tongue up the shaft a couple times before sliding my wet lips over the head. That first taste of your cock in my mouth is exquisite. I’ll suck you in until my lips meet the wall of your body at the base, and then use my tongue to lick you like I would a piece of candy; thoroughly.

    Softly though, I’ll suck you softly so as not to alert your co-workers of your hidden pet and the pleasure she is heaping on you. I’ll run my hands up your legs along the insides of your thighs to rub up and down lightly, skimming the cloth so as to leave just a breath of touch on your skin; and occasionally work my way down to your calves so as to hold them lightly. Pressing more firmly I will travel a path back up, up to the top of your thighs and across your hips, around to your lower back kneading as my hands make their way there. I’ll massage the tension from your back as I suck your stress down my throat.

    Every once in a while you’ll reach down and pet me as I make you melt. All the while you go about your work much the same as you always do, but with your naughty pet hidden under your desk and working your cock with her warm, wet mouth.

    Never would I suck so much as to make a peep to be heard by others, and nothing even close to causing you to come, but just enough to relieve the stress that accumulates over the long hours. I’ll just be a constant comforting presence in between your legs working your cock with tongue and lips and massaging your back with my hands.

    Unobtrusive, I’ll be, your ever faithful and loyal pet.
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    You have got me turned on.. Would u grace my cock too?
  3. Smallest

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    Did you read the last sentence? o.0

    (I'm not her, no, but I do try to keep my forum members from getting hit on unwantedly)

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