She wants to be a sub, but scared by previous bad experience.

Discussion in 'Guest forum' started by Unregistered, Nov 5, 2011.

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    Has anybody had a bad experience as a sub and been able to come back to the lifestyle? Tell me how! Mine would love to but a previous partner broke the trust and turned it real. He made the game a reality and was not nice about it. I think it turns her on but she remembers him instead of me as soon as it starts. How do I erase him and let her see how its supposed to be?
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    We have a current thread where this has happened, and it's really sad, so my heart's out to her. Just take things slow with her, be gentle, and keep reminders of who you are- maybe a pet name for her that he never used, or so on. Take things slow, keep it in the bedroom, and let her stop if she needs to. Check on her as you go, make sure she's not just trying to be strong.
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    where is the other thread?

    Smallest, could you tell me where the other thread is? I would love to hear from the subs side and see if I am taking it slow enough and try to figure out if she really wants to be a sub or just wants to please me and is trying to fake it. I have never had this issue before and only want what's best for her.

    Thank you in advance,
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    Obvious troll is obvious :)
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    That was actually really funny, you should've left it up.

    The only thing is, I don't know if that was the OP or not.
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    yeah it was me!

    Yes, I am the original poster and their was nothing funny about that post. Any one who reads that other post and does nothing is not human. To sit back and say that the law keeps you from helping is assinine. To think any thing that excuses your lack of action is pitiful. I guess you took down the last post because it had a tiny bit of expletives to tell you all that you were worthless, so here's one that says it a little nicer. Better?

    The heart of the matter is still the same. The woman is either in a world of hurt and begging for help, or needs to post that her thread is just a story. Either way I have yet to hear any actually advice about the original question and am begining to believe that this whole site is full of losers and pretenders. You talk big game but wheres the substance?
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    lol... omg :SS
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    Unregistered - all mens is the same! If girl trust a men she's stupid, every men is a liar, cheater & other girls - EVERYONE (99,9% from 100%) Don't be fool, if she don't trust to men - she's clever girl =)

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