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    my daddy one day sent me to a guys house and we made out i gave him a hand job and he fingered daddy wants to start sharing me...
    does anyone have a story to tell about doing something similar to this?
    id love to hear it!
    i want to be ok with being shared(having sex with someone other then my daddy)
  2. ashly2013

    ashly2013 New Member

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    From what u said he must enjoy sharing you if he does its your job to do so. Plus its a ton of fun. My husband/master makes be exually service all his friends. Usually on monday night football nights he will send a few of the guys in the spare rooms we have to wait for me. I also have to serve them there drinks n food in a mini skirt with no panties n topless! You need to enjoy the fact he trust you n do it while u can. Rember your job is to please plus it should be fun for you as it is me.
  3. I Am Your Leader

    I Am Your Leader New Member

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    I've never actually shared a girl, or had someone share one with me. But I've thought about it and have considered it. I guess it comes down to having the right circumstances, and willful participation from everyone who would be involved.

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    i hope to one day be able to enjoy it and please my daddy that way! i am new at this so i think i just need a little time. as of right now it is one of my limits that i have discussed with my daddy and and he agrees that it is still to early for me. so he said that he is perfectly ok with waiting until i am ready. ashly your story makes me feel a ton better! thank you for sharing with did he come about sharing you with his friends and how did you feel about it at first? if you dont mind me asking
  5. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    Only if she wants to and consents to it. Not everyone enjoys the same things.

    (I don't have any stories to help you enjoy it, OP, but I bet there are some in the Library).

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    Tthank you :)
  7. ashly2013

    ashly2013 New Member

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    Test the water see if hes really into it. Tslk bout how ur dying for who ever u shove it deep inside u n see if he really wants to share you or if its all talk. If i was in ur shoes girl id be all over this. Your very lucky!!

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    I will try it? I reallly to enjoy it
  9. ashly2013

    ashly2013 New Member

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    U should enjoy it. Suprise ur master today n ask him to go get some else where. He im sure he will fuck u good when u return home. Last night my master made be ride his best friend and suck him off until he was about to cum then let him cum deep inside me. After i finshed my master treated me to 3 hours of play just him and I. It was the best reward ever n AMAZING sex!

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    Omg im gonna have to u make it sound like heaven lol.
  11. ashly2013

    ashly2013 New Member

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    Well message me as u expierment i wanna keep up with u kinda like ur mistress!

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    I think im going to say something to my daddy tonight about it and see what I get out of it
    I will message you when I do and tell you what he said
  13. ashly2013

    ashly2013 New Member

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    I think u should n possibly try it out tonight dependi.g on what u n ur other master have going on. I am awaiting your story pet. Message me as soon as can .!

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    i will talk with him but im not thinking it will happen tonight due to his working late. but i will message you as soon as i talk with him and get things going :)

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