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Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by lookingtolearn, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. lookingtolearn

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    Hey, i've been thinking about this a lot recently, well I had quite a few of what can be considered sexual experiences when I was young. I mean where I come from it's almost semi-rural. So a lot of kids would innocently experiment with each other, I mean you would notice a girl didn't have the same thing as you, and you would be curious. So me and many different girls experimented, starting really early, I mean my first experience was when I was 5. So I'm wondering, they were very good experiences, is it weird to think about those experiences, I mean I'm no pedophile, when I see a young girl, I'm not attracted to them, I mean sure I find attractive high school girls attractive, but no lower than older looking high school girls. I mean is it weird to get aroused by thinking about some of those experiences. Am I some sort of pedophile freak? I mean I'm not attracted to younger girls when I see them on the street. Thanks for your help.
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  2. sillylittlepet

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    I dont get it, how does having sexual experiences as a child make you a pedo?
    Lol, your argument doesn't make any sense

    EDIT: ooooohhhh, okay my master explained it to me. You think you're a pedo cuz you remember the stuff you did as a kid and you get horny? I gotcha.
    No... if you were actually a pedophile then you'd be interested in doing it again with little girls (or little boys? I don't know which one you is posting.) Which you just said you weren't. So...

    hmmm... the only "sexual" experience I had before the age of 12 was when my neighbor (we were both about 6 or 7) wanted to play doctor. I was the patient and he was the doctor, but our parents busted in pretty quick. I think I might have taken my pants off, and my parents gave me a talk about how only a real doctor should touch me down there lol
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  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Exploring other children's bodies when you are very young is extremely common and on its own, it's absolutely nothing to be worried about. You don't have any sort of sexual attraction to children now, and it's not clear to me that these memories are arousing to you, so no, I don't think you're a pedophile. A pedophile has a strong sexual attraction to children and typically has little or no real attraction to adults. Pedophiles often describe feelings close to uncontrollable compulsion to molest children. None of that seems to fit what you're describing.
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  4. sassysus

    sassysus New Member

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    I think it's the whole "first time" virgin fantasy that gets you thinking about stuff like that. As a girl, sometimes I think the same things about a young couple, just becuase when I was young I had so much fun experimenting with sex.
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  5. decoyicus

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    I know how you feel when I start thinking about my previous sexual experiences I usually end up thinking about my first sexual partner (I was 5 she was 6) it started off pretty innocently talking about our different parts but then it moved into showing each then we discovered that rubbing certain parts of each other felt nice and since I have had a oral fixation for as long as I can remember I got the idea of licking her parts and asking her to put my parts into her mouth this went on for quite a while from what I can remember I think this might be one of the roots of my hypersexualty but I don't really know. but I don't think it makes us pedophiles I am certainly not attracted to children but I don't consider those memories to be negative just as part of my early sexual experience

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