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Who they choose?

  1. Siri

  2. Doris

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  3. Maren

  4. Nathalia

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  1. potters

    potters New Member

    3 sexy black man need a sexslave.
    Who of theese 4 woman choose they
    Woman from left: Siri, Doris, Maren and Nathalia.

    They are very horny, so they need 2 woman.
    You can choose 2 woman.
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  2. potters

    potters New Member

    Hmmm! 4 nice woman.

    Siri: Very cute and sexy.

    Doris: Cute and sexy. Chubby woman, with very huge boobs.

    Maren: Very cute and sexy.

    Nathalia: Cute and sexy.

    What do you think? Please choose you`re two favorit.
  3. Maly-Kalie

    Maly-Kalie New Member

    im choose Natalia
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  4. Fractal

    Fractal New Member

    Maren and Nathalia
  5. pornodoc

    pornodoc Member

    maren and nathalia certainly
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  6. potters

    potters New Member

    No one think they choose sexy Doris?
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2012
  7. Mercyful Fate

    Mercyful Fate New Member

    Doris can also the slave, but not the beauty.
  8. MrWolfgang

    MrWolfgang Member

    I'll take Doris thanks. Should be all I need. The second could make tea and sandwiches. :D

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