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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by SourThoughts, Nov 19, 2011.

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    Mostly, I am a light/kinky individual (Simple restraints) and thought a sex swing would be a fun new toy to play with. I've researched various swings, and there seems to be plenty of options for me to choose from.

    The problem is the stand. Everywhere I look, the popular Topco TLC Universal stand is unavailable. Ebay has a similar model, but it has a lower recommended weight (Weight isn't a concern, but the mere fact it holds less tells me it isn't made as well). And there are other, more expensive, models which attached at the bottom and top; problem is, there is no center ring and the bars on the bottom is just something to trip over.

    Thus, I am having a difficult time finding a stand. I am not sure what's going on with the universal stand... but from what gather, it won't be available anytime soon. Therefore, I would love some feedback on alternative stands that I may want to look at. Overall, what's important is something that is strong, well-built, and can be taken down/up relatively quickly. Because I live in an Apartment, I am not willing to drill holes into the support beams. But, I do have plenty of closet space to hide any disassembled stand.

    I just thought this product would be much more popular (and thus available)... perhaps I am more kinky then I thought :devil:

    And if you are curious, I plan to purchase the Adventure Industry Pleasure Swing.
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  2. foreverbunny

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    Hmmm... I might be thinking of a different kind, but have you tried looking at the door frame kind? You can purchase them in most sex shops and I've even seen one in Spensor's at the mall! If you want something extra secure and no damage, I'm not sure the door frame one will do it for you... You've got to tell me if you find any good, portable ones, because the S.O. and I have to do most of our kinky things in hotel rooms, and I've REALLY wanted a swing for a long time:)
  3. SourThoughts

    SourThoughts New Member

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    I've done some more research since the last post, and this is the general consensus from many forum posts I've read through.

    The problem with door stands is twofold. First, you want to use two doors across from each other or else the person on the swing will be hitting their back against the door; thus, it is OK for grinding but horrible for anything kinky/rough. Secondly, people have complaints about the swings themselves; they simply aren't that comfortable and don't have much padding.

    As for other stands, the important part is that it has 4-points of support. You may be tempted to buy a normal swing-stand, but these things are not stable. Some 4-point stands cross at the bottom, as well as the top. On the positive, they are stable and designed for swings that have tension-ropes extending outwards (Now will be called multi-tension swings) instead towards a single-chord/bungee/spring(Now will be called single-tension swings). But, those stands tend to be more expensive, shorter (The person outside of the swing may need to lean to not hit his head) and lack a center-ring for single-tension swings.

    Given that the Topco 4-point stand has a center ring and four outer rings; there isn't a huge advantage to the bottom-crossing 4-point stands as the Topco swing accommodates both types of swings. I did notice one model of the bottom-crossing 4-point stand had more than 4-rings, which may interest people in BDSM... as you can tie them up to the sides. But considering that, I still believe the Topco 4-point stand to be the clear winner (Less likely to hit your head, less likely to trip over the bottom-crossing bars, and less expensive).

    As far as swings are concern, the single-tension swings are more popular/available, have greater mobility, and can be bought with a spring or bungee holding the tension. The greater mobility means you can adjust the straps and thus lay in the swing in different positions. The spring/bungee offers more movement, but many people prefer the added stability without the spring/bungee. Furthermore, the spring/bungees often can't hold the same amount of weight. The problem with single-tension swings is that the straps can be too-small and cut off circulation. Not to mention, the fact the tension polls towards the center means the butt-seat can be tight/uncomfortable for oversize women. Thus, if you buy a single-tension swing, make sure it has enough padding (The most popular and highly ranked brand is the Pleasure Swing).

    On the other hand, the multi-tension swings provide more comfort and are easier to get into. For one, you are seated in them much like a chair and don't have to worry about the padding or making adjustments. Furthermore, most support the neck/head while single-tension swings tend not to. Of course, they don't have the mobility of the single-tension swings.

    One word of caution, there is a product called the "rock her world sex swing" that came up often in my searches. One of the main selling points with this product is that it is a single-tension swing with a head rest. But, I quickly noticed that on various forums (mostly Yahoo Q&A), there were different people asking the exact same question. Usually it was a variation of "Everyone kept telling me how great RHW Sex Swing is... and I found out it has X, Y, Z nice things about it, and just found out it can be bought here." In other words, it is viral marketing.

    Now, I don't have a problem with viral marketing, but the current ebay seller distributing this product has only 1 positive rating. And that positive rating is from the old-seller, which had a numerous negative-complaints (undoubtedly why a new ebay account was made). Most likely this is a poorly run company but I would tread carefully when buying this product. Quite honestly, if I didn't closely research this, I probably would have purchased one based off of all the very positive things people said about it on Yahoo Q&A.

    Just to reiterate, I don't own a sex swing. The reason why I posted all this is because I wished there was a single-source where someone could have broke down the pros/cons with various swings/stands. Given all that, I plan to purchase the Topco Stand and the Pleasure Swing; I may also purchase a multi-tension swing down the road.

    As far as the Topco stand... there appear to be a few online stores selling it at a huge premium. As of now, the stand is on back order. Eden Fantasy page says it was discontinued... but two websites say they expect them to ship somewhere around January/February 2012 and one retailer e-mailed me back saying he had them ordered but no ETA.

    There is another e-bay seller with a 4-point stand very similar to the Topco stand; it doesn't have the two side bars and has a weight-recommendation 50 lbs less (350 vs 400). That being said, it has a similar price point and probably just as stable as the Topco stand.

    I am going to wait a few months to see if the Topco stand becomes available.

    ....damn I wrote a lot...
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    Damn you sure know your stuff! Is the topoco swing portable?

    I probably would put the swing on a bathroom door so I could leave it open... Our does it bed to be closed? If I were you, id purchase it from a sex shop with a good return policy in case it embed up being really flimsy our not what u wanted.
  5. SourThoughts

    SourThoughts New Member

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    Depends what you consider portable. The entire stand weighs 40 lbs and will take 10-15 minutes to put-up and take-down. Not to mention, assembled the rods are 7 feet long... meaning you need to be careful when you are moving all these parts around.

    So if you can, supporting the swing by a support beam is ideal. But those who can't do that... the 4-point stands are your next best option.

    As far as the door swings.. they work by having the straps being wedge between the top of the door and the bottom of the door-frame . Thus, the door must be shut. And you probably want the swing to be on the side where you must poll the door to open it; that way, if you hit the door with much force, the door is hitting its frame and won't open. If you place the swing where you need to push the door open, your movements could open it... and well.... then the straps will slip and you get to explain to the ER why you have a broken tail bone :D

    Quite honestly, I am not too concern if I don't like this product. I think I have a fairly good understanding about what I will receive and at worst, I wasted only a few hundred bucks. And I find it disturbing if sex-shops allow returns on used products... even if it is only a stand. :eek:

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    ... I think i'm going to re think door swings o_O

    As for sex shops return policy... I may have to ask taboo what here's is for sanitary purposes! Lol.

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