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    Hi guys, i have aquired a very submissive slave recently but i need to show her i mean business so i want to punish her quite a bit over the next few weeks. Does anybody have any ideas for punishments that i could do to her using just house hold items? and nothing too painful, i dont want to scare her off.

    Thanks guys!
  2. There is nothing like the dining room table to put things into perspective. By bendint them over the table, then binding their limbs to the legs, you can introduce spanking and whipping. You can also use blindfolds while doing this. They will not know whats coming, and how soft or hard!
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    An important question: do you mean punishment or do you mean discipline? They are rather different issues. Punishment is for when your slave does something wrong that you want to correct, while discipline is when you want to do something pleasurable to the sub. Which are you thinking of?
  4. Mat22!!

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    A bit of discipline and punishment because she has already not completed some of my requests so she needs both, thanks.
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    Ok, so here's what you need to think about. Discipline is positive training, intended to encourage behavior that you want from her. Punishment is negative training, intended to discourage behavior that you don't want from her. Discipline needs to be things she enjoys, even if they are severe treatment or presented as you being harsh. Punishment needs to be things she doesn't enjoy. Let's use spanking as an example. Let's say your sub loves getting spanked. You can use spanking to discipline her, and train her to take more aggressive spanking, or to act in a particularly submissive way in order to get the reward of spanking. But if she likes spanking, you can't use spanking to punish her. Suppose you want her to do the dishes immediately after dinner. She doesn't do the dishes one night. If you spank her, you are giving her something she wants, so the next time she wants to get spanked, she might not do the dishes again, in order to get that prize. On the other hand, if she hates being spanked, spanking might be a good punishment for not doing the dishes, because she'll make sure she does the dishes in order to avoid getting a spanking.

    So you need to think about what she does and doesn't like, and then figure out which of those things you can use as discipline (just about anything she likes and you like) and which of those things you can use as punishment. Punishments need to be things that don't violate her hard limits. They need to be things that you don't enjoy so much that you'll want to do them a lot. And you can't use the same activity as both a discipline and a punishment. If spanking is a punishment, you can only use it when she has done something seriously wrong (and you can't go looking for reasons to spank her, which is why you shouldn't choose something you really enjoy doing). Many slave trainers recommend that they not be explicitly sexual acts, because that confuses the boundaries of play and punishment. Think about how you might punish a child for misbehaving; almost anything in child punishment can be adapted to punish a slave: a time out in a corner, loss of a privilege she wants (like no TV for a night), spanking, refusal to play for a day, an unpleasant chore, or so on. Given that communication is critical for successful BDSM, I don't suggest the silent treatment.

    When you punish her, explain what she did wrong and what the proper action was, explain the punishment and then do it. When it's over, ask her to explain why you punished her, and correct her if she's misunderstood. Then tell her that the punishment is over and you're not going to bring the matter up again unless she misbehaves again (and you have to follow through on that. Punishment needs closure; if you keep bringing it up, you'll start to seem unreasonable and you can veer into emotional abuse). You might want to close a punishment with a quick reminder that you love her and just want her to be a better slave.
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    that helps a lot!

    thank you very much for that, it has helped a lot and ill get straight onto finding things for both punishment and discipline :) if you have any ideas of ways a i can punish and discipline her then let me know!


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