Seven Candles

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    Written for fun. Hope you enjoy.

    On a sleepy Sunday morning, I arose before my girlfriend and wanted to surprise her with something quite special. I had bought a new gift for Teagan a few days prior and had been waiting for the opportunity to surprise her with it.

    I set the scene by drawing the curtains closed and lighting a few candles around the room. Being a Sunday morning, this will be the last scene she would expect. I line the room with scented candles in various colours, seven of them all up.

    I feel ready for what comes through the door, freshly showered, smelling nice and positioned in the middle of this oddly evening scene at 9:00am. The details I have carefully constructed...

    The shuffling, bleary eyed footsteps of my Teagan comes down the hall, and my heart begins to pound... butterflies at presenting her with this surprise. She enters the room and looks around.

    "Whats going on?"

    "I have a surprise for you my love", I reply. "but, I won't simply give it to you. You must work for it. The seven candles around the room will each give you a clue into what the surprise is. In order to find out what the clue is, you must blow out the candle, and pour the hot wax on to a part of your body. But, the thing is... Each time you do this, it must be the same part of your body."

    She smiles at me, knowing that this is just one part of the full story of tracking down the surprise. "OK", she says while reaching for the nearest candle. She picks it up, and blows it out, holds out her arm and pours the wax on to it, while looking directly at me. A twitch! Just on the corner of her smiling lips tells me that she
    felt the pain the wax brought, but continued to smile anyway. Looking down at her arm, she notices the clue printed on the bottom of the candle.

    "It is something long". She reads the clue out loud, and begins to assess the knowledge. "That could be anything.". I nod in the direction of the next candle, preferring the comfort of silence, so I can assess her features for signs of enjoyment of my game.

    She passes in front of me, walking toward the next candle. Picks it up and turns to me, holding up the same arm and pouring the wax on. "Ooohhh...", a small sigh of pain. "I don't think I'll make it through all seven.". She flips the candle over and reads aloud again "It's something hard... is it your dick?".

    "No, and that's strike one.", I reply with a wry grin.

    "Oh my god, what happens when I get to three?"

    "At three, I will relight all of these candles and pour the wax where I want it to go."

    "So I only have two more guesses?"


    She moves toward the third candle, this time some hesitation before pouring it on to the same spot again. Sucking in air through gritted teeth, she looks at me with eyes that beg for a little sympathy. I smile, as this thought makes me happy.

    "It is something that will make you feel good.". A flashing glance at me to make sure her previous guess was still incorrect, and she makes her way to the fourth. She shuts her eyes and seals in the pain of hitting the same spot on her arm with red hot wax. The mark of four wax spills on her skin starting to really show up.

    "It is something you have talked about." She pauses and thinks hard. Looking across at the next candle, then over at me. I want to make a guess, but I don't know because if I do then I only have one guess left.". I shrug, "Suits me if you guess and get it wrong.".

    After much thinking she turns and says to me, "Is it a new toy?", she asks me. "You'll have to be more specific than that.". She looks away and sighs, ever embarassed to say certain words, "A new... dildo?".

    "You have one more guess remaining. Three candles remaining."

    "Dammit." she says, determined now, and beyond half-way, she storms across the room and pours the wax quickly, but the speed of the pour doesn't stop the pain. She turns it over and reads "It is something black.". Confused, she turns her attention to the sixth candle.

    "Slowly", I command her. She turns to face me, and lets the wax drip, one quivering drop at a time. "Like this?". "Yes.". She maintains eye contact with me, but I can tell that her mind is focussed entirely on the wax dripping from the candle.

    "It has two things attached to it.... what does that mean!?". Her limits are being pushed, and she looks at me, with pleading in her eyes "What does that mean?". I sit back and say "It means that you have one candle left to work out the answer.". With a sigh, she shuffles toward the seventh and final candle.

    Enough time has being passing between each candle that the pools of wax become bigger and bigger, with number seven having the biggest pool of all. She blows out the candle and looks inside at the depth of the wax pool and swirls it around.

    "Lift up your arm.". Trembling, she raises her arm.

    "Pour.". She pours, while lowering her head and wincing hard. The pain sealed up, until she bursts a cry, letting her arm fall to her side with a fresh mark that will most likely take two weeks to heal.

    "It is something that will restrain you.... Oh my god.". She thinks about all the clues combined and says to me "What if I give up, and not make a guess?", but I had made the alternative clear. "Then I relight these candles, and I put the wax where I want it to go."
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    "Oh my god... ok, just let me think."

    A quiet minute passes, and she says "Is it a whip?"

    "Strike three."

    "Nooo!" she cries as I stand up and move around the room relighting the candles. "Take off your top.". She complies. "On your knees.". A little whimper as she lowers herself down toward the ground with her damaged arm across her chest.

    I bring all of the candles over to a nearby table and set them in a line, and then pulled out a blindfold from my pocket and tossed it on the ground in front of her, "Put this on.". While she is clipping the blindfold on at the back I picked up the first candle and threw the contents high on her chest.

    "Do you want to guess again? I'll relight the candles again if you're wrong."

    "No, I don't!"

    "No, I don't what!?" I want to hear her say those amazing words. She poises herself and says in a calm, but wavering voice "No, I don't want to guess again my master.". I decide to give her a chance to redeem herself, and the ability to still earn her surprise.

    "I tell you what, I'm going to offer you an alternative to the candles. You can still earn your surprise too."

    "What must I do my master?"

    "You must please me, my slave by putting something of mine in your mouth. Do you understand?". Her response was to simpy open her mouth. Being blindfolded she couldn't see the rope that I had picked up and was keeping on hand to restrain her hands behind her back.

    "Do you understand?", a little more impatiently. "Yes, yes I do." she replies. "And do you know what will be going in your mouth.", I slowly pace a circle around behind her. "Yes I do."... "Say it, tell me what's going in there". "My master's dick." she says in a quiet voice.

    I move in behind her quickly and grab her arms up, feeding them through the two loops I had been creating, and pulling them tight so her arms are crossed behind her back. I feed the rope through and between her arms more to ensure the knot holds.

    "That's right.". I move beside her and unzip my pants, close enough that she can hear the sound, and anticipate what's about to happen. "Hold out your tongue.". She opens her mouth and slowly lets her tongue out. I pull out my cock and move in front of her, gently sliding the tip down her tongue, rolling my head around the tip of her tongue. "When I put it in, you're going to close your mouth around it.". An open mouthed "Uh-huh.".

    I slide my dick across her tongue and between her lips, slowly she wraps her lips around it. I stop with just the head in her mouth and pause for a moment to reflect on the beautiful Sunday morning we're having. I thrust just a little bit into her welcoming mouth.

    "I'm gong to give you your present now.", while I take my dick out of her moutn. "You've been such a good slave that you'll need to be rewarded. Stand up." She stands up with a little difficulty because of the way her arms are tied. "Come with me.". I guide her by the shoulders back into our bedroom and lay her on the bed with her legs over the edge. "Do you want your present now?"

    "Yes, my master.".

    I open the top left drawer of the dresser, where we keep all of our cuffs and restraints, but only to throw her off. I reach behind the dresser at the same time and pick up the new spreader bar I had picked out for her, and make my way over. I attach the cuffs to her legs like I've done a hundred times before and feed the bar along locking her into place.

    "Do you know what your present is now?"

    "Yes.", she says with an enormous smile on her face. "And do you like the feeling of it?", "Yes", she responds I collect another rope from the drawer feed it through the two hooks on the spreader bar and throw the rope to the top of the bed, where I feed it through the bars. I get the rope taut, and then pull hard, throwing her legs up into the air. She begins to breath heavily and mutters "Oh my god." under her breath.

    "Do you want to feel me against your pussy?".

    "Yes please master."

    I move in and rub my dick across her pussy that is remarkably wet, slipping the tip of my dick almost into her, but lifting it up to grind up to and over her clitoris. "I'm going to put it in" I tell her as I hold her clit between my fingers and roll it from side to side. The tip, finding it's way to the opening, and pressing lightly against it. She turns her hips down, trying to take more of it, and I pull out quickly.

    I press in again, this time going deeper, and she moans under her breath lightly as the head of my dick both forces its way inside, and rubs against her special spot that drives her wild. I reach for her vibrator and turn it on, moving it up and down her clit while getting harder and harder, fucking her in her spot.

    "Tell me that you want me to pound you."

    "Oh, pound me master!"

    Spurred into ecstacy, I'm losing self control and pounding her spot over and over while grabbing to her legs, feeling her resist against the spreader bar, trying to push her legs together. I enjoy the idea of the restraints preventing her this way and get even crazier. I get faster, and faster, watching her blind folded expression to see her mouth wide open, taking in small gasps of air as she pushes her hips out as hard as possible back, doubling how hard of a fucking her pussy is getting.

    Her back archs, and her toes curl up, her breath is held and I can tell that she's in that moment just before an orgasm, where it cannot be stopped. Her restraints, the pounding all gets to me at once and I lose myself in the moment, pulling out of her pussy at the last second, and rubbing my cock up through her clit, feeling the
    sensation of her clitoris against the most sensitive part of my dick.

    We can feel each others ecstacy and it becomes too much, oh my god! We come together! My cum spilling down across her chest and stomach, and pussy moving up and down my cock, as she moves he hips back and forth.

    I really enjoy surprising her.
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