Sent to the Headmistress's Office

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    The young girl stood outside the door, her stomach tying itself in knots as she imagined how her sudden lapse into bad behaviour would be taken.

    She, like everyone around her, had no idea what was behind this change that had come over her. She had always been such a good, attentive pupil, getting on with her schoolwork in a quiet and efficient manner as many of her classmates wreaked havoc around her.

    Maybe she was getting bored. She considered this for a moment, chewing thoughtfully on her lower lip. Being good just didn’t seem to be any fun. It never had. Watching the more unruly of her classmates, she had found herself overcome with curiosity. What would it be like to be bad like them?

    Today, she had decided to find out, but the only place it had got her was standing outside the shut door to the headmistress’s office, waiting to be summoned inside.

    Her tentative knock on the door was answered by a sharp ‘Come in.’ The tone of that voice, so firm and authoritative, sent a shudder of fear through the girl as she obediently entered the room, shutting the door behind her.

    The headmistress was perched on the edge of her desk, slim ankles crossed and swinging slightly. As always, she was wearing a charcoal grey suit comprising of a fitted jacket and knee length pencil skirt, with a white shirt underneath. Her legs were encased in sheer black nylon, ending in a pair of strappy black stiletto heels. Her dark hair was pulled back into a bun, which made her look severe.

    ‘I hear you have been disruptive in class, young lady.’

    The girl flinched at the tone of the woman’s voice, but answered with a lot more confidence than she felt.

    ‘Yes, miss.’

    ‘Yes, indeed. Talking in class, chewing gum, answering back…and look at the state of your uniform.’

    The girl obeyed, feeling her face flush red. Her white shirt was knotted tightly beneath her braless breasts, which were lifted slightly by the crisp cotton, her erect nipples poking against the material brazenly. Her top button was undone, her black school tie hanging crookedly around her neck. Her black pinstripe skirt, held up by a spike studded black leather belt, barely covered her bottom. Her stockings were black fishnet hold ups, and on her feet she wore black pinstripe shoes with extremely high heels. Her dyed black hair was gathered into pigtails with white ribbons, and she wore heavy black eye makeup and frosty pink lipstick. She also wore silver rings in her ears, nose and lip, and had several tattoos on show.

    ‘You are a disgrace,’ the headmistress continued, her eyes raking over the young girl’s body. Despite her fear, the disobedient pupil was beginning to feel aroused, and was relieved that she hadn’t quite been brave enough to go without any underwear.

    ‘I’m sorry, miss,’ the girl stammered, her head bowed in shame.

    ‘Not good enough,’ the headmistress snapped.

    She stood up then, and took her place behind the desk, ordering the girl to sit opposite her.

    ‘Put your feet on the desk.’

    The girl was puzzled, but obeyed. The headmistress took a ruler and lay it against the back of one of the girl’s high heels. Taking her measurement, she shook her head slightly and tutted.

    ‘Five inches.’ She fixed the girl with a penetrating stare. ‘Five inch heels. You know the school rules. Two inches max.’

    The girl said nothing, but felt more juices gushing into her knickers.

    ‘And what about the rest? The hair dye, the piercings, the tattoos…all these things are forbidden. And you must have your top button fastened, your tie tied properly, and your shirt tucked in. This spiked belt is unacceptable, as are these fishnets, and this skirt is far too short.’ Again the headmistress shook her head and tutted. ‘You will have to be punished for this. Stand up.’

    The girl obeyed, and after a moment the headmistress stood up too and crossed the room, opening a cupboard and rifling through it. Selecting several items, she returned to the desk and lay the items down upon its surface, causing the girl to shudder with fear and excitement.

    She stood there, completely stunned, as the headmistress came over to her, removed her tie and unfastened her shirt to reveal those naked breasts, retying the crumpled shirt tails underneath once more. She then turned the girl around, pulled her arms up into the middle of her back, and used her tie to bind them in place.

    ‘Are you wearing underwear, bitch?’ she snapped.

    ‘Yes, miss.’

    The headmistress lifted her pupil’s skirt and pulled the sodden black panties down her legs, before ordering her to step out of them. Lifting them to her nose, she inhaled the scent of the girl’s arousal, causing her pupil to moan softly. The soiled underwear was then stuffed into the girl’s mouth, which was then sealed shut with a strip of shiny black tape. The final touch came with the application of the small bulldog clips to the girl’s hard nipples, the tight pinching sensation blending with pleasure that began to slide down the inside of one leg, shaming her even further.

    The headmistress picked up the long, thin wooden cane and tapped it lightly against her palm, smiling maliciously at the young girl’s sudden whimpers of fear.

    ‘This is for your own good,’ she said, laughing lightly. ‘Now bend over the desk. Press your tits into the wood. And your face. Face the window.’

    The girl obeyed, her face reddening even more as she realised that anyone passing by outside could see her in this undignified position. The headmistress came up behind her and lifted her skirt, baring her naked bottom to the cool air filtering through the open window. As the realisation of what was about to happen to her finally sank in, the girl’s muffled whimpers increased, and her entire body began to tremble violently.

    Then came the sound of the cane swishing through the air…

    The girl screamed as the instrument struck its target, leaving an angry line of fire across her cheeks. The pain was unlike anything she had ever felt before, and tears of agony slid down her face. She struggled desperately to loosen the tie binding her arms behind her back, but the knots refused to budge.

    Again and again she was struck, each helping of pain seeming more vicious than the one before it. Her vision, blurred by her tears, became a haze of blinding white and red, and she was afraid that she might pass out.

    Just when she thought that she wouldn’t be able to take it any more, the punishment mercifully ceased.

    ‘Stand up straight and turn around.’

    The girl obeyed, looking fearfully at the headmistress. She had loosened her bun and her dark hair now fell down around her face and shoulders, making her look strangely attractive.

    ‘Good girl,’ she said softly. ‘You took your punishment well. I am very proud of you. But now I want you to thank me for caring enough about your wellbeing to administer punishment in the first place. Kneel.’

    Without her arms for balance, and with her high shoes on, the girl found her order difficult to obey without help, so the headmistress took pity on her and assisted her down onto her knees. The authoritative woman then lifted her skirt, and the girl’s eyes widened with horror.

    ‘Don’t be afraid,’ she said kindly. ‘Your punishment has had a positive effect on you, on both of us. I can smell your excitement, and I am willing to relieve you. But first you must do the same for me.’

    As she spoke, she peeled the tape from the girl’s mouth and removed the underwear. As soon as her mouth was free, the girl launched into a tirade of abuse.

    ‘You shit! You fucking shit! Why the fuck should I do anything for you after what you just did to me? And what…what the fuck are you?’

    The headmistress laughed.

    ‘It’s called a penis, sweetheart. Have you never seen one before? I’m going to put it in your mouth, and you’re going to lick it and suck it like a lollipop.’

    ‘You sick bastard. Put that thing in my mouth and I’ll bite it off.’

    The man in the skirt suit, stockings and stilettos glared venomously down at his captive.

    ‘Suck my cock, you little cunt. And do it right.’

    Before the girl could argue any further, the long, hard, hot length was crammed into her mouth, a large hand pressing tightly against the back of her head to prevent her escape. With no other choice but to suck, she set to work immediately, and noticed how it affected the man right away. The thing in her mouth twitched; looking up into his face, she saw that his eyes were closed, his painted lips parted slightly.

    Encouraged, she sucked harder, applying pressure and using her tongue. Suddenly the man swore harshly and withdrew, snatching up the girl’s discarded knickers and spraying his thick white cream over them. He then thrust them back into her mouth, securing them in place with more tape.

    The girl stared up at him, resenting the taste of his come in her mouth. This was more humiliating than if he had came in her mouth properly. Pushing her down so that she sprawled out on the floor, he tucked himself away and then headed for the door.

    ‘What now?’ he snapped in response to the girl’s whimpers. ‘Oh, yes, I remember. I said I would relieve you, didn’t I? Well, I lied. You’ll get nothing from me until you can prove to me that you can be trusted.’

    She stared at him in confusion.

    ‘I am a woman,’ the headmistress said sternly. ‘A woman. Do you understand that?’

    The girl nodded. Satisfied with her response, the headmistress left her office and shut the door.
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    Wow. I want to hear more. I love your writing style.
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    Morrrre, I love it.

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