Sensory deprivation - advice needed

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Obedient Little Puppy, Jun 18, 2009.

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    This weekend, my master and I are planning on giving sensory deprivation another go. We enjoyed it the first time, but the problem for me is that the deafness part is proving difficult to pull off. I wore foam earplugs last time, but these didn't cut the noise out altogether.

    So instead I was thinking of trying earphones plugged into a stereo playing music loud enough to completely block out all other sounds. I don't actually have earphones, and though it wil be easy enough to get some, I want to know if there's anything we can do to create proper deafness/silence. I know you can get hoods which can do this, but we don't have that sort of cash right now :(

    So, can anyone think of anything we can do to pull this off, while spending little, if any, money to achieve it?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. KinkyPink

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  3. Sparrow69

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    Kinkypink beat me to it. Foam ear plugs PLUS headsets that block noise like they use on construction sites or at a gun range. You should be able to pick a set up at wal-mart or another mega chain with a decent sporting goods section.

    FYI, stage crews wear them too, especially at rock concerts... ;)

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    Ooh, that sounds good, can they guarantee total silence though if worn with earplugs? :confused:

    Well, I'll have a look, I wonder if they do them in army surplus shops...?
  5. Sparrow69

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    yes they will have them in army surplus... mechanics wear them around running engines...

    and yes, if you wear the ear plugs, and then put these on over top, you wont be hearing anything.

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    That sounds great, there's no price in that link though...correct me if I'm wrong but they sound like they'll be pretty expensive :(
  7. Sparrow69

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    Thap particular pair yes, I've seen simple ones for way less. When I get home ill send you the link for another alternative.

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    Okay, thanks :)
  9. EZRA

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    It's hard to compleatly eliminate all sound the problem is that sound can travel thru your scull and jaw bone in to your ear canal but with the above devices you can get pretty close.
    This sounds really interesting to me to be reduced to only touch for sensory input.
  10. corrosivecontact

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    I find rubber ear plugs work much better than foam. Not perfectly, but better.

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    Well this just sounds interesting. The sensory deprivation that is. Please, someone explain more of this...uh....thing. ;)

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    Well, we tried giving it another go with just the foam earplugs, but again it didn't work :(

    I will try finding some ear protectors though, found a pair as part of a set of other safety stuff for £10, so it'll probably be shit, but still worth a try I guess. Next time we get round to it, we're going to try with really loud music through earphones, and see if that helps :)
  13. Sparrow69

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    OLP, sorry it took me so long to get this up there for you. As opposed to loud music, i suggest this alternative... Brain Wave Audio Manipulation. Its a series of frequency specific Audio tones (white Noise) designed to bring about certain effects, masked out by studying brainwave patterns in different situations. They are used alot in self hypnosis, pain relief, astral projection, subliminal messaging, meditation, etc...
    My point is, with a decent set of headphones, like earkandy or a good gaming headset, you can really benefit from some of the settings and therir are always new ones for download.
    I suggest the transic ones for subspace... helps put you in that trance like state we all love, while blocking out the rest of the world. I have a pretty intense list of audio file on my system here, but there's a pretty good program found here.

    Good luck, hope this helps.

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    Well, we finally got the chance to try this out last week.

    We managed to find a basic pair of ear protectors from a pound shop, and teamed with foam earplugs, the difference was remarkable. I didn't experience total deafness, but what little I could hear (with straining) sounded like it was coming from someplace extremely far away.

    As well as enforced deafness, I was blindfolded, ball gagged and cuffed to the headboard, so could do absolutely nothing save wait for my master's touch. I could hear my heart pounding loudly, and was struggling to keep my breathing under control as it was getting really erratic.

    And when that first touch came, it was truly amazing. I can't even begin to describe how it felt. I guess you could say it was like being a doll; inanimate, unresponsive, helpless. I could just about hear my master's voice, but could not make out his words, and the sharp slaps I received on my arse were indication that I had been given an order to obey, which was a deliciously cruel touch given my lack of hearing ;)

    I really enjoyed this, and am already looking forward to trying it again, and I might stuff a bit of cotton wool into the lining of the ear protectors, to see if I can reduce my hearing just that little bit further...
  15. EZRA

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    Hi OLP!
    I know it's been a while but Im trying to get back in the habit of posting and reading I missed it.

    GOD that sounds like fun I wonder if I could get the Goddess to do that?
    It must be intense to compleatly focus your attention on just touch!

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