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    I have just found this site and am looking for a female who is willing to learn how to become my perfect online slave.

    Firstly myself, I am 33 have a good job, I'm well educated and have many years experiencing this lifestyle.
    I'm laid back and easily approachable but also firm and fair.

    I'm looking for a submissive female one who knows she needs to be owned and controlled, regardless of their experience on how to go about becoming a slave.
    You must know you'll be treated fairly when I see you have pleased me and punished when I see you've displeased me.

    My main likes so to speak is giving pain and if earned pleasure, I also like to humiliate, I also have a good few fetishes I would want to share.
    I do not have many limits but will always abide the law, I will respect others limits but will push the boundaries as far as I believe possible.

    If you think this could be for you come and say hello and let's chat, there are always alot of questions and answers between a Dom and new slave before anything else happens.


    Dominat One
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    Seems to be a lot of viewers but no replys?

    If you have read this and think maybe I should of worded it a bit better I'd like to know your comments, whether sub or Dom

    Thanks for your time.

    Dominant one

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