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    6'-0", 190 Lbs, Strong, Healthy, Naturally Dominant and in Great Shape. I own My own home, live alone and make a good living.

    I’m searching for a youthful, strong willed, Live-In FEMALE slave for full time training and hopefully a life affirming long term relationship together.

    Training will be very long extending a lifetime, tough and specific to what you can handle at first and early on. your size, vigor, willingness to accept and chase goals and succed will be tested through some simple, mental and some highly complex non-sexual tests.

    If your not capable of staying away from your mommy and daddy for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year straight. Don't reply.

    I don't need a cry-baby little child, I need an adult with an understanding of the reality that will be thrown at them. Be real or don't bother. I've had enough of these piss-ant little girls that have no fucking clue what's really going to happen to them in this world and cant understand why. I'm not here for games or any of your bullshit...

    I'm NOT looking for a NSA friend...

    I'm not here for your games or any other bullshit.

    I'm looking for a real woman that understands her place in this world and wishes to further her exploration with Me in this lifestyle for a long healthy role specific life.

    I expect to eventually have some form of a connection with you, if love comes of it so be it. However it won't happen immediately and I don't expect it too.

    I will NOT meet you just for sex, I don't care how great you think you can suck a dick. So DON’T bother telling me.

    I cannot survive in a vanilla relationship, believe Me I have tried. Normal people have hindrances. They seem to think of this train of thought as sick, disturbing and or just plain taboo.

    While I’m certain that these same people are only normal by social standards & probably secretly practice some form of BDSM with their partners regularly. Some time’s without even knowing it.

    I prefer a masochistic woman as I am a sadist. However it's not a requirement.

    This truth bothered Me for a very long time till I realized there are woman that enjoy men like Me. I love Masochistic women, but I've found most of the prospective Masochists online think that pain is simply a fun game of angering Me for a punishment of pleasure.

    Understand this right NOW!

    Pain is merely a SINGLE simple tool in My bag of pleasures to use at My disposal and not a miss-given gift that I will throw around freely without thought.

    So you won’t be punished pain if it turns you on. There are far more appealing and simpler ways to make a point. You will learn something when you make a mistake, not gain pleasure.

    I prefer slaves, both mentally and physically speaking. A controllable woman is far more sexy and appealing to Me. In the end however, it really doesn’t matter what you see yourself as in My eyes.

    I believe a woman should devote herself to her Man, with her mind and body daily. While the Man should make his woman his property and take care of her needs as a piece of property. Be it as his art, domestic work or simply via pure debauchery.

    Woman of height/weight proportion only between the ages of 18 and 35 or you will be deleted, unless you're simply looking to chat and or appeal...

    I enjoy very rough and sometimes intimidating sexual practices. From simple bed bondage to full blown Device Bondage with Sensory Deprivation, strapped to a post; tortured & or fucked with anything and everything available till I feel like I am done.

    Preferably we will start by Emails, IM's and see where our messages take’s us. If you simply give Me your information without even talking to Me first or don’t even bothering to view My profile. I will immediately delete and block you.

    I'm NOT in a hurry, I take this EXTREMELY seriously and I feel it should be. Especially given the circumstances that I am looking for out of you.

    I am a very real and honest person looking for a very real honest person with the same kinds of interests. So if you aren't, please look elsewhere.

    I won’t even meet you till I have complete confidence and trust in your willingness to live this way and exceed in it...
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