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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by decoyicus, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. decoyicus

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    Well as you may or may not know my GF recently suggested we start 24/7 but I was against it feeling neither of us where ready and that I was far too inexperienced however I have been exploring indulging our sub and dom sides outside of the bedroom my only problem is I'm running out of inspiration this week I have had her do the house work naked and have been deciding what clothes she wears outside of work(hasn't made much of a difference) we are both enjoying this but it is getting a bit boring, I'm fresh out of ideas and feeling very uninspired so give me any suggestions you have we will both appreciate it.
  2. sebastian

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    One helpful thing to understand about slavery is that it needs to grow out of a desire to serve. It's not just about sex, but about her desire to make your life easier and more pleasurable. So her service can be anything that meets that: cooking, running errands, giving you a backrub or foot massage after you get home from work, etc. Think 1950s housewife.

    That said, if you want something more kinky, develop a few rituals. Every day she wakes and makes breakfast for you, tends you in the shower, and helps you dress. At a set point in the process, you get a quick blow job. When you get home, she greets you in the nude or in her panties, kneels and kisses your feet. After dinner is cleaned up, she kneels quietly at your feet while you watch tv. Elaborate as you see fit.
  3. decoyicus

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    Well seb you have given me some stuff to think about she already does quite a lot of stuff for me and as for rituals her job makes her schedule pretty random and a bit hectic at times but I'm sure I will figure something out. thanks for the suggestions
  4. sillylittlepet

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    You could always have her address you as "master" or "sir" (or whatever she's supposed to call you) even when you're out of the bedroom

    If you're dictating the way she dresses, think of some new outfits or combos that she wouldn't normally choose. Things she doesn't wear often, make her fancier or sloppier, sluttier or more modest.

    Try having a day where all she does is serve you. Dont even lift a finger, she'll do it for you! Make her do it all naked or in her underwear.
  5. decoyicus

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    for the last 2 weeks she has been calling me dominus which is apparently Latin for owner I didn't tell do this it just seams to turn her on as for outfits aiming for a different style seams like a good idea. if the weather is nice tomorrow I am going to have her wear her pretty new dress with a ponytail but-plug which I'm sure will turn some head when we are walking down the street. a day of slavery sound like a lot of fun it might be a little bit difficult with work but I'm sure we can organize something.
  6. kajmir

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    ~A note for you everyday, regarding something or some part of you she worships?

    ~For your entertainment, she goes around with g-string in her mouth and something kinky up her, if she drops it, punishment, you'd know better then I. Or maybe while you watch a movie together...

    ~Doggie play time - dish of water, food, pet pad (thick blanket), play fetch...if she's a good girl, you'll think of something. Teach her commands that amuse and turn you on. eg "play" = face down, ass up, legs spread.

    ~Are you familar with ben wei balls? (I'd think so) Cheap to purchase, have her insert them and do sexy dances for you, while teasing the crap out of herself.

    The what do I have in me game is rather...entertaining.

    You go to the store: cukes, carrots, baby cukes, jumbo hotdogs, sausage, baby limes, grapes...whatever you think will fit.

    She gets blindfolded, legs spread on a bed.

    You pick and item and insert it, if possible thrust it a few times, she picks right, = she gets a reward, she picks wrong = punishment. I could suggest some of both but she's your pet so. 10 dollars food shopping has NEVER been so satifying.

    ~Have her brush your teeth for you, in the mornings or before bed, I assume of those would fit her work hours.

    ~have her sprinkly baby powder and turn down your bed for you whenever possible.

    ~Have her reorganize your closet.

    ~Have her massage you with a nice lotion or rub your feet.

    ~break her in by having her do silly meaningless tasks, it might help you both decide if you really wanna go 24/7.
    Eg. "I need a glass of water, 2 ice cubes, tall glass, exactly half full." 20 seconds later, "I am done take it away" could be really harsh and have her do this every 20-30 minutes. Could do the same with cleaning the same window...etc

    ~Decide her bedtime.

    ~what she wears or doesn't WHEN she goes to bed.

    ~Require permission to go to the bathroom.

    ~Send her to bed with a toy inside her, my Master enjoys this.

    ~ Have her do your nails for you, weekly. (mistress oriented..)

    ~Occassionally (cause otherwise it'd be really bitchy) set her alarm for some unpleasant hour like come before you and either play with herself or service you for a brief time. It would also help her decide if she's really commited to this 24/7 thing. 24/7 doesn't end at sleep time...

    ~have her start training something new, anal? Longer cum control? I'm sure the others would be happy to offer suggestions...
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  7. sebastian

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    The meaningless tasks and arbitrary wake-up times are a good test for 24/7 I would think. While most doms probably don't routinely give their subs arbitrary tasks, it would certainly help her think about what complete submission really requires.
  8. decoyicus

    decoyicus Member

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    I have been trying out quite a few of these ideas over the last few days overall we have both enjoyed them although when it came to meaningless tasks I could tell she didn't like them and to me they just seamed like a way of exercising my control which is fun but gets old pretty quickly but it did give us both a taste of what 24/7 might be like. thanks again for all your ideas
  9. kajmir

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    The meaningless ones, well they are about who's in control, but yeah I didn't suggest them with the intent of consistant use. Them is kinda bitchy to do..

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