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seeking female 24/7 slave

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by jimmie29, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. jimmie29

    jimmie29 New Member

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    Hallo im a Dom located in Maryland, I own a BDSM style home and has 3 partime subbies and things are ok. However im now looking for a pet for 24/7. So this is what im looking for- A 24/7 female slave. Must be atleast 21 exp. is not nessary however helps. I will train you completely in all aspects of BDSM. Must be drug free, Atleased of the big drugs;) Must know this is not a subbie prosition this is 100% slave only. I have a slave consent form and contract. I have rules that must be followed to the tee:) You will be fully taken care of in all aspects. So if this what you feel is for you please let me know. Thankyou....
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  2. lore

    lore New Member

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    hi, i'm interested,what would living with you entail?
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  3. msagen

    msagen New Member

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    i am a sm agent

    Dear master,
    I am here to attend to your needs,i work for the cumster society and
    our objective there is to attend to masters who want to buy slave or
    slaves who what to be trained by us,
    We have alot of slaves that are ready for masters to pick them up and
    when i talk about slaves, i mean slave that that well trianed,obedient
    and slave that can use the right sex tool very well.
    I will like to let you know that we have alot of slaves for sales now
    and i wioll like to tell you that if you are interested in buyig any of
    our slaves.i will appreciate your quick reply at my yahoo mail. [email protected]

    kurt ..

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