Seeking college-aged F sex slave. 24/7

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by ReallyGreen, Jan 22, 2010.

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    Recent financial and personal changes now allow me to pamper and care for a 24/7 live-in slave. Slave will be required to attend accredited college by day and satisfy her master nights & weekends.

    Must be at least 18yo. If you are a college-aged female who enjoys quiet nights of television, oral sex, smoking vast amounts of pot, and having your toes sucked this job is right up your alley. Flexible on body type. Blue eyes a plus.

    Living arrangements: Slave will live in her Master's house 24/7 unless at school or other appointment. Slave is expected to sleep in her Master's bed unless directed otherwise. (Private bedroom when I wish to sleep alone. Which may be often if you snore). The Slave is free to occupy any part of the house or property when Master doesn't wish to use her. Slave is free to leave her Master's care at any time (but of course tuition and medical coverage will no longer be extended to you.

    Sex: Slave is expected to be available and eager to sexually satisfy her Master at any time between 8am and 11pm everyday. Slave will be required, at minimum, to perform oral sex once daily and will be required to masturbate daily for her Master's entertainment. Anal sex will not be required (too many genital piercings) nor will the slave be required to perform sexually for anyone but her Master except for her daily masturbation demonstrations. Slave will also indulge her Master's desire to eat her pussy or worship her feet at any time.

    Discipline/S&M: I'm looking for a sex-slave, not a whipping girl. The specific "physical" limits will be agreed-upon in advance, suffice to say I have no desire to leave scars, brands or tattoos on you.

    Clothing: At home in private the Slave will be naked and barefoot at all times (black cotton panties may be worn 'that time of the month'). If Master has company over the slave will wear leather fetish attire as instructed. School and public clothing will be provided by the Master, who retains final say in all outfits. Also hairstyle will be of Master's choosing (it'll probably be short but not clean-shaven). Exact style will depend on what will best accent your facial features.

    Non-sexual Chores: Slave will be required to launder her own school clothes as well as pick-up after herself (No serious cleaning. I have a maid service for that.)

    Education: Master will provide his slave with full tuition and related expenses (books, etc) for the duration of the Master/slave living arrangement. A car will be made available for transportation.

    Health: Slave will have full medical, dental, and eye coverage provider by her Master. Slaves are required to keep all appointments. Slave may also be required to attend bi-weekly sessions with a trained psychologist (Don't want to cause any permanent damage). Smokers, drinkers welcome (marijuana use OK but no hard drugs or addicts). Slave is also required to exercise daily and eat a well-balanced diet.

    Days off: Master will work a regular job that doesn't always provide him the time to be around his slave at all times. When Master isn't home slave is allowed full access to the house including the heated indoor pool (The ultimate luxury in the mountains), home theater, and the "smoking room". Master may also give "weekend passes" only if he desires it. Major cities nearby ensure "something to do" year-round.

    Compensation: No financial incentive during your "stay" (that would be illegal) but if you get a healthy ($$,$$$) graduation present when you successfully finish the course requirements don't be shocked.

    Questions or to make an offer just send me a PM. (And a recent photo for serious offers).
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    Well master jay, RG isnt the only on this board looking for someone with similar qualifications.. but I thought you were a dom, not a submissive.

    Really Green, I'm going to be forwarding your request on to some people who may be interested. Good luck.
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    I never said anything about blonde. I actually prefer brunettes, but hey, I'm openminded. (And hair can always be dyed).
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    Wow, shame I'm owned, I fit the qualifications (except the pot thing and the blue-eyes)
    But no, I wouldn't give up Master for the world
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    Masochist, actually.

    But in every man's life the time comes when obtaining a trophy girlfriend becomes a good idea.

    Finding a college aged woman interested in a 'sugardaddy' relationship would be easy. (Statistically 1 in 35 college students find the idea "appealing")

    Of those roughly 1 in 250 will be a sex addict or compulsive masturbator.

    Among sex addicts 1 in 15 would statistically be interested in a "leather-D/s themed relationship".

    In a country with 330 million people the above small percentage of people is still tens of thousands of people. And this is the market for my personal ad.

    OLP: Finding the 2% of 1% among those few with an 'aggressive sociopathic' personality on top of sexual addiction and a strong S&M fixation is the hard part. Give me that young mind and four years and I will build you a monster.

  7. MIRROR: Download from MEGA
    Ah, right, I see.

    Sorry if my question offended you by the way, that wasn't my intention, I promise :(
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    i'm actually switch with stronger dominant side and i wrought it just for joke (by thet i've meant thet he offers good conditions for sub :) )
    RG i hope you'll find your girl there is a chance belive me ;)
    hey you can always use lences :D
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