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  1. Aly29

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    I am a new submissive. I've always had fantasies but I am looking to take it a little further with an online dominant. I prefer wellspoken men with an elegance about their control. I need a man that is firm, yet gentle. I desire to know such a man.
  2. Aly29

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    I was asked to specify what I am interested in as a submissive. As a virgin, it is difficult for me to say precisely what I enjoy. I shall do my best. My intrigues include spanking, verbal humiliation, bondage. I am rather unsure of what more to say. All I can ask is that you message me to see if I fit your qualifications and you, mine.
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    Thank you for the messages that have been sent thus far. I have found only one potential Master as of now but I am still searching. I am not sure as of yet if it will work out. If there are any questions as to what I am searching for, please let me know.
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    Let's discuss your interests. Msg me on YM. (

    Take care and have yourself an exciting day.
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    Hi aly

    Send me a pm I am an experienced Dom of 33.

    Let me know your idea of what you seek and we can put together some sort of initial training and insight into this world and take it from there.
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