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    To any potential future pet of mine, I'd like to let you know what I can offer you and what you can expect from me.

    I would like our relationship to grow gradually and steadily. We could start with email and Ims, then add pictures, phone, and webcam in a natural sort of growth as we trust each other more and more.

    I will expect certain things of you such as daily email reports of your experience/feelings, daily masturbation performed to meet my specific demands, pictures from you fulfilling my perverted desires, scheduled IM chat sessions, and other creative ideas I will have along the way.

    You will address me as Sir or Daddy at all times. You will be enthusiastically obedient at all times (we will discuss your limits beforehand so we have a clear understanding, and I will not be unreasonable).

    My biggest BDSM turnon/fetish (among others) is humiliation/shame. I will expect you to regularly tell me what a cunt you are, to ask me frequently why I could possibly have interest in a piece of shit like you, and to be overly thankful that I make you feel like the truly worthless slut that you are.

    PM me telling me what are your biggest turn-ons and what limits you have? How old are you and from what part of the world?

    I am 28, male, living in Texas. I look forward to hearing from you.
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