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    Savage Violation

    Savage Violation is a forum that caters to Rape Fantasy and the BDSM lifestyle. We have numerous Discussion about every angle of Rape Discussion and the BDSM Discussion is ever growing. Savage Sex is everything sex that does not fall into the above two catagoeries. The Do It Yourself is hillarious with home made toys.

    Savage Role Play is currently split into two categories: Rape Roleplay and BDSM RolePlay . To accomedate roleplayers we have a request board, a character board, a comment board, plus boards for complete rps and inactive rps. The Creative Writting section offers a group RolePlay for everyone to join in.

    Recently we have expanded the story section. Savage Original Tales were writen by fellow savages. An ever growing section of Rape, BDSM, and fetish themed stories there is something for everyone plus more.

    By far, our largest section is the movies with new movies constantly being added. Free Rape Movies, BDSM, Fetish, Hentais, and Vanilla movies. There are sections that are member only, which only require 20 posts on the boards to access.

    For those into General Discussion and fun and games there is a section for that too. General chat covers everything not sex. News of the day has strange and odd stories. Juke box that includes downloaded CDs plus members favorite YouTube. Funnies offer lots of laughs. With several dozen word Games , they offer hours of mindless addiction.

    Savage Violation
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