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  1. Sally

    Sally Member

    Hey everyone, time to show my naked body to you all

    This is a photoshoot I had a few weeks ago. theme was angel. We had originally planned to have the white, but when I was buying feathers I fell for the black. I plan to have the white for later. maybe yellow for Easter.

    it was so fun!
    when I was there I was really afraid of how painful it would be, but my Lord sat in front of me and comforted me and cared for me all the time. when the artist put the first needles, it was very painful. some did not hurt at all while others made ​​me tremble with pain. I'm not too fond of pain, but when I look back, I miss it a lot.

    when I get up I got chocolate by the artist. We have put needles before, we sat only 5-6 needles then and I was about to faint and was very sad for a few minutes. but it went really well. they helped me up and down from the table and watched me all the time. it was one of the best things. all cared for me as if I were a little baby bird.

    to take pictures with wings was cool, it did not hurt, it felt tight and firm on my back. strange feeling. it was hard to think of poses, when there was so much happening, and I felt a little distant and faint. I have only included the ones I like. the best we have removed to be in the exhibition.

    hope you like it. I am very happy for comments.

    if you have any suggestions for pictures I can take, I would love to hear it.







  2. Knots

    Knots Member

  3. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    This is really interesting, I was trying to tell (before reading) if you had been getting corset piercings.
  4. Sally

    Sally Member

    hehe. it'd be cool. I want to get corset stitching some time. how do I uploaded larger pictures? it is difficult to see the needles.

    Knots: Thank you.
  5. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    It let me add larger ones, so I don't know. You could host them elsewhere and link back though.
  6. Zandar

    Zandar Member

    Go black and red

    That looks seriously cool.

    Very nice pictures Sally. Thanks for sharing :) .

    Happy you picked the collored feathers. The red on the inside black on the outside gives a nice edge to it; I doubt you would have managed that with just white.
  7. Sam the man

    Sam the man New Member

    I think if u add them thro URL and not the paper
    Then the pics are bigger I think . O and nice pic . Think
    Corset piercings are hot x
  8. Sally

    Sally Member

    finally got my ass in gear and loaded it up larger images. I took some other pictures this time.

    being center of attention was a little scary because I did not feel I deserved it. but it is a dream I've always had. that someone who is stronger than me have a mixture of sympathy and pride above me. being a martyr without trying to be. show how strong I can be even in pain.

    When it was over I was a little sad because it was really fun to feel that I was so tough. and needle triggered some chemicals in my head that felt good. it was a pleasure. after I had taken the needles out I was very nervous, I did not quite know what to do or where I should be. and I got a feeling that the people there did not like me. I tend to be paranoid ... with what has (almost) passed.

    the only thing I am unhappy with is my form. but I train almost every day now, since this is a long-time project.





  9. Sally

    Sally Member

    I just had to take one of my Lord too. :)


  10. Sally

    Sally Member

    thank you Sam. nice you like it ;)
  11. I am not into needle play at all.. So the fact that the photos and staging here as well as yourself, has intrigued me, is a remarkable feat within itself.. Wonderful! I am impressed!
  12. Sally

    Sally Member

    thank you very much, it was good to hear. it was art I aimed for, not necessarily that it was needles. but the line between pain and grace.
  13. You did exquisitely well in the "art" category... I am actually quite intrigued to see more of your work! Hopefully we don't have to wait too long! LOL! Keep up the great job! :)
  14. Sally

    Sally Member

    wish granted.
    Here are some pictures from the first photo shoot. many fetishes and fantasies can be reflected in these images. it was really fun and cold;)




  15. Ohh, now see, this is where we may have some issue.. You outdid yourself here in a few of these!

    Pic #3: I adore that use of the tile to reflect your image.. That is above creative! The way it truly doubles your image in that offset white tile, and with your complexion... Nice!

    Pic #1: The sexuality and bound tentativeness behind the wrist braces and wet shirt really elude to provocation! Well done!

    Pic #2: The insecurity betrayed is very fascinating!

    Pic #4: The atonement behind the eyes and vulnerability were well captured!

    I must say, I am delighted to see something worth while of viewing, and not so generic in content and subject matter! It is very refreshing! It is not that I am that much of a challenge to intrigue, he he he, but I am in many ways picky, and you have done well to captivate my interest and sight this far.. To you and your master.. "Well done"! :)

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